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    Kelson reacted in Build Competition #1 - Spawn tower [OFFICIAL]   
    Ok you've had 2 weeks and more than one person on your team so by now you should all be finished! I am aware however that some of your work was lost today due to a server crash so with this in mind I have given you all a little bit of an extension, say till tiday monday midnight GMT, which is just under 24 hours.... Just a little extra hey, far more than what was lost! ;)
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    Kelson reacted in 1000 YAMS Forum likes, thank you!   
    A massive thank you to everyone who has liked my posts over the past year or so, I have now achieved my 1000 like goal. I guess I better set myself a new forum goal now? In the meantime, please find a little present in your town house. Sorry sandboxers I haven’t got round to you..
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    Kelson reacted in 17/11/2011 - YAMS and Minecraft Final Release 1.0   
    [color=#0000FF][b]Server will be up in 1 min or so.....! Dont destroy the stronghold/nether forts straight away![/b][/color]

    [color=#0000FF][b]And dont abuse all the new stuff or ill be taking things away! [/b][/color]
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    Kelson reacted in **DO NOT DELETE**DARREN PLEASE READ**   
    Ok clay for the time being this topic is being closed as you have got your feelings about your ban across.

    For the forseeable future the ban will stay in place.
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    Kelson reacted in YAMS Birthday Party   
    Thank you so much to everyone who wished me a happy birthday, and especially to those of you who made statues/gardens/presents for me! It was truly a great day because of all of my friends!
    Here are some pics I took from the party scene...

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    Kelson reacted in Your Server Is My Life   
    [quote name='desto4253' timestamp='1297720420' post='20']
    Ok screw you forgot your shit

    I was just about to read your post, but in that case topic locked and ban still in place!
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    Kelson reacted in Hi   
    [quote name='Fugitive_Jackel' timestamp='1317689388' post='4824']
    Ty Darren!!

    Np.... now like my post!
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