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    Captain_Marbles reacted in YAMS Downtown Hosts Paintball [OFFICIAL]   
    Minecraft paintball at the YAMS coliseum arena has proven popular, so I would now like to present paintball downtown, this an extra arena you can vote to play in and does not mean the closure of the coliseum one.
    This downtown arena is quite big and has lots of features, so please bear with us while we fine tune it.
    If you would like to join, just type: /pb join - you can vote to play downtown once inside the lobby.
    A massive thanks to the following people in helping me get this setup:
    ryanfenton - Helped me kick this project off, doing a lot of design on the banks and the shops and much more. Also donated loads of iron blocks for the anvils. madrad - Did lots of work on the underground for me, building my trains and digging out the tunnel. Also connected up all the redstone lamps that turn off in the underground during the night. Nikki_Nutta - For donating lots of iron blocks for the anvils. In the making of the downtown arena, we used a lot of materials, here's some of the top ones:
    4505 Bricks 2645 Steps / Half slabs 2305 Wool 2090 Wood 1480 Double Steps / Half slabs 1410 Quartz blocks 1408 Stained clay blocks 1336 Stone brick stairs 1335 Stone bricks 906 Spruce wooden stairs 702 Redstone wire 451 Quartz stairs 415 Stained glass panes 333 Anvils 291 Glowstone 250 Redstone lamps 186 Iron doors 176 Dark oak wooden stairs 142 Iron bars 103 iron blocks If you can donate any materials to replenish our public build materials, please donate to the public spawn warehouse!

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    Captain_Marbles reacted in Dragon Dodge - Sky Island [OFFICIAL]   
    For a long time now I've had an idea how creating a game around dragons in minecraft and while it seems other Minecraft servers have now had the same idea I decided that I'd still like to give it a go now that it's more technically possible than before with command blocks, other servers use custom made plugins.
    I have spent the past month building and perfecting this ender dragon game in any spare time I've had on YAMS and today I'm very pleased to announce that "Dragon Dodge - Sky Island" is now as ready as it will ever be to accept players, I can then get feedback from you kind people to then improve.
    But wait... what is Dragon Dodge you ask? Well the game involves being spawned on a floating island where you must survive the dragons attacking you without any weapons, run and dodge them! The last player standing alive wins the game.
    If people enjoy this, then I may look into creating another version further down the line: floating castles, airships, a nether ship or island in lava and more....
    If you would like to play grab yourself some friends and head down to the bottom of spawn tower where you can find the "games, events and build" room, there is a room in here for the game.
    Hurdles I encountered when designing this game included:
    How to design the area, I asked in the forums for builders but only one helped, thanks SteerpikeSister. How to teleport players one at a time into a setup pod, teleporting all together causes the pressure plate to stay on. How to setup a general team/scoreboard and death checks. How to check when there's only one player left in an area or check last player alive and not dead. How to spawn enderdragons in unloaded chunks as command blocks don't allow this. How to set blocks in unloaded chunks as command blocks don't allow this. How to stop the ender dragons flying off and not attacking players. How to reset a world. As always please post feedback so I can improve as this was a very challenging game to design. Thank you and enjoy!

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    Captain_Marbles reacted in YAMS Coliseum Hosts Paintball [OFFICIAL]   
    Since November 2012 the coliseum has hosted BattleArena, but its now time for a change!
    I would like to announce that the YAMS Coliseum is now hosting Paintball - pure war! pure fun!
    I can guarantee you wont be let down by this game, features include:
    Red and blue teams with red and blue armour. Inventory saving when playing 13 ranks - get more kills/wins/points to level up! Lobby rank armour - the more you play the different style armour you will have on in the lobby. Rank chat names - when chatting everyone gets to see your rank, only those in the paintball game will see it. The shop - get money for kills/wins and then spend it in the shop. Rank up to unlock new weapons, from grenades, rocket launchers to airstrikes and more! Random gifts - weapons will be send to you from time to time while in game, use them while you can! Fun, fun and fun! If you would like to play simply type: /pb join - minimum of two players required.
    Please post feedback as I'm very excited about this addition to YAMS.

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    Captain_Marbles reacted in New public build warehouse now open [OFFICIAL]   
    I would just like to announce that the new YAMS public build warehouse is now open, massive thank you again to madrad for his help on getting this sorted with me.
    You may find the entrance to this new warehouse at the bottom of spawn tower, last floor.
    As a reminder:
    This public build warehouse has been setup for use on non town public builds and build challenges. Please do not take from here unless you are certain you are allowed to. If in doubt ask a member of staff who will help you. Only take the minimum amount of materials you need, don't for example take out diamonds to make tools when we have stone or iron tools already crafted in the chests. Also don't leave the items at your house or leave the game with them on you. Finally do not use them for your own personal use. Thank you.

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    Captain_Marbles reacted in Games, events and builds room [OFFICIAL]   
    As discussed in the Future of YAMS topic, I was thinking about adding a room with signs displaying warps/commands to all the different games we have in YAMS as not everyone is aware we have all these games, there used to be signs in the old spawn tower (though not warps) but they got took out.
    Well I'm pleased to announce at the bottom of spawn tower you can find a place that lists most of the games we have along with required warps/commands to get to them, there is also a community build teleport location - if a moderator ever wants a teleport button to a big town build, they only need ask me.
    Please go and take a look. Good or bad idea? Feedback please.

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    Captain_Marbles reacted in YAMS Central Park hosts TNTRun [OFFICIAL]   
    As ColorShuffle has proved popular amongst the players on YAMS I have decided to setup TNT Run too.
    I've been meaning to do this for quite some time now as a few people have suggested similar games to me before
     but I've just never got round to it, so with the Future of YAMS lingering (though I believe I've made a decision - hopefully a good one) I thought id get this up and running, you may have noticed I've been quite busy finishing things on YAMS like this.
    So for those of you that don't know what TNTRun is, basically its a mini game where players start on layer of sand and every block that they step on disappears. If a player falls through the hole they fall down to the next level of sand and so on until they reach the last level of sand. The last player who doesn't fall to the bottom wins the game.
    To join, in chat type: /tr join 1
    You do not have to worry about items/xp on you that will be saved and returned to you afterwards, the only time it wont is if a server crash/restart happens during a game in progress.
    P.S. Please report any bugs as I haven't had anyone to help me test playing it with yet, well except TheTimeMeddler!

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    Captain_Marbles reacted in Name Changing   
    I could change my name from d8g4cnd24_h7 to something more complicated like...
    or just keep it the same! ^.^
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    Captain_Marbles reacted in 01/04/2014 - The Future of YAMS   
    Hello everyone,
    As I'm sure you are all aware yesterday was April Fools day and I played the joke of stepping down and promoting TheTimeMeddler, had any YAMS player been on in the morning I would have got them to become joke admin but no one was on so TheTimeMeddler was used which actually worked quite well with his previous antics!
    I can safely say that while it was funny writing the list of changes, most of them will not be happening....
    Mostly being, that one of them is... has!
    Lucky its not a bad change, but rather last weekend I changed us over from CraftBukkit to Spigot to improve our server performance, this actually appears to have helped for lag around spawn, at least for me when I tested without Optifine.
    Hope you enjoyed the bit of fun and if you would like to see the nether version of spawn you may go to /spawn and step on the random pressure plate in the middle of the quartz floor on top.
    Long live the bright future of YAMS, I can not wait! 
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    Captain_Marbles reacted in South: Maplehold   
    Maplehold Update:
    Ok, sorry I haven't written anything sooner, I haven't actually been on much as of late tbh. I should be coming on a lot more in the coming weeks tho! So, I'll just leave you of an update of what's is going on in Maplehold.
    Roller coaster: we are making good progress and are getting closer to finishing . I marked out a possible path for the rest of it with torches (emphasis on possible as you can stray from it if you like). One thing we really need are some supports, as the roller coaster does hang off in a lot of spots.
    Warehouse: I still need to sort out the bottom floor, just a note so that you know why it's so cluttered .
    Animal farms: From past experiences I know Maplehold's farms were a little glitchy, so I may look into it if it is still an issue.
    Little things you can do to help: Lots of chests from warehouse on both sides of the park, if anyone could sort them in warehouse, it would be a major help, if not I can do it later.
    Thank you for your help, and as always feel free to suggest away!
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    Captain_Marbles reacted in Build Challenge #5 - Theme park [OFFICIAL]   
    Last night I was laying in bed thinking to myself wow it's been so long since we have done a build challenge, it's about time we did one. While thinking about the build challenge theme, I was also reading about GEEK 2014 and how they have teamed up with multiplay (the same people who host yams) to run a creative theme park build competition inspired by Dreamland – the oldest surviving amusement park in the UK currently to be rejuvenated for 2015.

    Perfect timing I thought, while they will be running a competition where players will compete against each other in plots we shall build a theme park together as a community (something I've been wanting since day 1 of YAMS).

    I have two thoughts on running this, either we shall have a survival world (/fly turned on and we use resources from spawn warehouse and also collect more in week before including some special trips) or creative world (no initial gathering of resources as you would be in creative but would be a lot easier and faster for everyone)

    I'll leave it down to you the community to decide, use the voting poll at the top and also discuss here in chat. Voting finishes this weekend, you will then have a week to know what is happening and how to prepare.

    The actually world will open on Monday the 17th of February.

    Please vote and discuss!
    EDIT: Voting poll has now ended, we shall do survival with /fly turned on.
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    Captain_Marbles reacted in Death Sentence Arena - January 2014 [OFFICIAL]   
    I left this game open till now so people could have extra time, unfortunately it seems the redstone broke as some point and it wouldn't recognise the difficulty, may have happened if someone teleported out or left when the game was in progress causing the redstone to become stuck. Unfortunately I cant see an easy fix for this and as the event is over now anyway I wont spend any more time on it. If we do this event again I'll just use a fresh copy of the map.
    Hope those of you who played enjoyed it.
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    Captain_Marbles reacted in Death Sentence Arena - January 2014 [OFFICIAL]   
    January 2014 is coming to an end, wow where has time gone? To wrap January up I have decided to set up the Death Sentence arena map from Hypixel.
    Death Sentence is a competitive arena map that challenges your Minecraft combat skills and agility.
    Both Multiplayer and Singleplayer modes are available and have different gameplay.
    The goal is to survive the customized monsters that are constantly coming at you and reach level 20 as fast as you can. Kill the chest-headed monsters to gear up, avoid the invincible heavy armoured zombies and don't fall in the void!
    The multiplayer mode is competitive, the first player to reach level 20 wins the game and get to choose one of the 3 death sentences for the losers. PvP has to be turned off but you can use your flint and steel or throw monsters at your opponent to disturb them!
    If you want to play singleplayer mode, your goal is to get the best timer on the clock.
    Sound interesting? If so you can find a portal to it at the bottom of spawn tower, enjoy!
    You will have to use "/warp spawn" to go to /spawn (turned off) unless you know the hidden spawn tower warp I talked about in The Future of YAMS post.
    P.S. Leave items + XP levels at home, you will loose them!

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    Captain_Marbles reacted in 09/01/2014 - YAMS 3rd Year Anniversary   
    I've generated and uploaded a cartograph (aerial imagery) of the over 16,000 blocks exploration we did, thought some of you might like it.
    I recommend using a proper browser on a PC/Laptop to see it and don't forget you can zoom in with mouse wheel or buttons.
    And here are some approximate coordinates to help you find the base camps if you cant find them on your own!
    Spawn: X = 123  Z = 243
    1st night camp: = X = 41  Z = -2222
    2nd night camp: X = 125  Z = -4915
    3rd night camp: X = 110  Z = -6710
    4th night camp: X = 0  Z = -9515
    5th night camp: X = 10  Z = -11615
    6th night camp: X = 40  Z = -13670
    7th night camp: X = 80  Z = -16230
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    Captain_Marbles reacted in YAMS Central Park hosts ColorShuffle [OFFICIAL]   
    As many of you know as part of YAMS 3rd Anniversary celebrations we played a minigame called ColorShuffle, this involved you being spawned into a multicoloured arena floor where you were given a piece of coloured wool in your inventory hotbar and you had to run quick to that  corresponding colour mat before the rest of the colour floor collapsed beneath you... anyone not standing on the correct colour would fall and loose.
    Everyone really enjoyed playing this and some of you asked to see it come back again, so I'm happy to announce that ColorShuffle is here to stay for as long as the plugin works and doesn't cause issues!
    To join, in chat type: /color join 1
    You do not have to worry about items/xp on you that will be saved and returned to you afterwards, the only time it wont is if a server crash/restart happens during a game in progress.

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    Captain_Marbles reacted in 09/01/2014 - YAMS 3rd Year Anniversary   
    Here's a few of the screenshots that I took froom today
    Waiting with a few pals for the fun to start!

    We found a snow biome in wellworld, so we had some fun

    Waiting for a few slowpokes to catch up >

    Waiting to find an opening

    Look at all the people stuck in one block when we started the go north challenge xD

    One of the many boat rides we had to take during the challenge

    An example of some of the beautiful things that minecraft can create!

    Signs for Day 2 (sorry dont have them for day 1...)

    Sneaky Darren waiting for us to break through the other end of the mountain

    Day 3's signs

    Our journey lead us to the beautiful ice spike biome!

    Day 4 signs

    Day 5 signs, with nams blocking it a bit

    Day 6!

    Our final camp, sandbox approval worthy in my opinion

    Day 7 signs and nick 

    And the back of our wonderful house, also a bit of the garden 

    The last game of color shuffle 

    I know there were a lot of pictures, but I just couldnt stop taking pictures and wanted to show everyone how fun events are-so you should come join us next time! Once again thank you darren for organizing this aswell as keeping YAMS up for 3 years
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    Captain_Marbles reacted in 09/01/2014 - YAMS 3rd Year Anniversary   
    Thanks to everyone that showed up today, people came and went throughout the day, but it was a good turn out.

    We played The Tower of Babel game (You fight against another team and the goal is to reach the platform with a sand tower faster than your opponent. But you can destroy each others towers as well as those players trying to build it.):

    We played a game called ColorShuffle (You start on a multicoloured floor and have to run to the randomly selected colour before the time runs out and the floor falls out from beneath you. Each time the timer gets faster!)

    We visited WellWorld again (A mix of different biomes):

    And we went on an adventure far north covering over 16,000 blocks of terrain in one direction (with nightly stops to build a camp). We even got to see ice spikes!

    To finish it off we played some more ColorShuffle and some Infected.
    All in all, a good day.
    To those who didn't attend, you can still visit the the archaeological dig just out side of spawn on the west bound red rails. Go and take a wander through the tunnels and see what you find. 
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    Captain_Marbles reacted in 09/01/2014 - YAMS 3rd Year Anniversary   
    Thought i'd upload a few shots I got...

    Just before we started our series of games

    Long boat journey (Shortly followed by Darren killing me...)

    I think this was our 2/3 day, The attempt to grow wheat...

    Next day travelling

    Surprising found a beautiful Spiked biome

    Another attempt to grow wheat... But nothing

    The end is near, the last house better make it the best we can
    I had a great day! Unfortunately I didn't get pictures of the other events, but I'm sure someone else did. I'd like to say a massive thank you to Darren and everyone else for keeping this server so enjoyable!
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    Captain_Marbles reacted in 09/01/2014 - YAMS 3rd Year Anniversary   
    Ever seen the archaeological dig just out side of spawn on the west bound red rails? For the next few days you'll be blasted back to the past. Go and take a wander through the tunnels and see what you find.
    I promise there's cake too!

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    Captain_Marbles reacted in 09/01/2014 - YAMS 3rd Year Anniversary   
    Wow... just wow... 3 years of running YAMS, when I set-up YAMS 3 years ago I had no idea we would still be here today, but I'm glad we are, while there have been both bad and good times, it's been an enjoyable experience and I'm proud to be a part of our family friendly community server.
    For the previous 2 anniversaries I gave story timeline posts of YAMS, detailing key things that happened in YAMS at what times. You can see them here (YAMS 1st Year Anniversary / YAMS 2nd Year Anniversary).
    This year I'm not going to give you so much a story timeline, but rather explain to you why we run YAMS the way we do so you can get a better understanding of YAMS and help us shape the future of YAMS. You can read this post here (The Future of YAMS for 2014).
    But before you disappear into the future...
    I would like to invite you all to celebrate 3 years of YAMS with me, this Saturday the 11th of January 2014 at 4:00pm GMT / 11:00am EST / 10:00am CST / 8:00am PST (See correct time for your country by clicking here) for a very special community event.
    I will also be holding various other community events from now till then... keep an eye open for details in this topic/post.
    If anyone wants to do anything in YAMS to celebrate 3 years just go ahead and do so, if you think you need approval for something just ask a member of staff, I'm sure they will ok it or help you get it approved, it's all about celebrating.

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    Captain_Marbles reacted in North: Snowheim   
    Attention residents of Snowheim and YAMS!!!


    Snowheim is proud to announce the grand opening of the unique underground stables.

    There is a horse friendly access point to the underground tunnels just outside of the current farm location. Signs lead the way to the old 'horseshoe' area which has now been transformed almost overnight (2 days and one very late night to be exact), into a fabulous Stable area.


    ride your horse around the back of the stables and chose one for your horse to stay for a while. Signs will be available to let others know what your horse is called and who it belongs to

    There will be chests provided soon with some hay and carrots as a welcome gift for your Horse.


    hope you like and enjoy using the new town feature


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    Captain_Marbles reacted in Marketplace shop map [SUGGESTION]   
    The shops in the Marketplace change from time to time, and the addition of new shops isn't always noticed.  It can also take people a full trip around both floors to find the shop they're looking for, or they can miss it altogether.
    So what if we set up a simple shop map for both floors, to quickly show people who is selling what and where?  It can be a simple wall with signs on it, saying who's on what floor, or we could do a setup with item frames and each person places a single item that represents their shop in an actual map layout, or any number of other options.
    A couple of my ideas:
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    Captain_Marbles reacted in Happy Holidays everyone!   
    Perivale warehouse first Devon!
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    Captain_Marbles reacted in 19/12/2013 - Chairs come to YAMS again!   
    Many of you will remember that nearly 11 months ago I installed the Chairs plugin, after finally finding one that worked properly. I was very happy and so were others. Unfortunately however between Minecraft 1.5 and Minecraft 1.6 the Chairs plugin stopped working, eventually there was a resolution but this required installing an additional plugin that did some hackery magic, I didn’t really want to install a plugin that did this (going against the bukkit api) so I decided that for now the Chairs plugin would not be installed.
    Well today I’m very happy to say, the Chairs plugin returns! This plugin allows you to sit on chairs (stairs). Read below for more info, it's a little different this time.

    To create a chair:
    Create a 1 - 3 wide set of stairs (any type) with or without signs/item frames for arm rests. To take a seat on your new or even existing chair:
    With no item in your hand, stand 1 - 2 blocks away (takes some getting used too) and right click on the stairs (No need to hold shift this time). You will then be told you are sititng down. I decided to make it so you must not have any item in your hand so it’s less likely you end up sitting on chairs when you wanted to place a block instead. To stand up from a chair:
    Press shift on your keyboard, just like minecarts and horses etc... Destroy the chair your sitting on. You cannot sit in an already occupied chair!
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    Captain_Marbles reacted in 25/10/2013 - YAMS and Minecraft 1.7.2   
    New mining world and mining hub has been implemented, this mining hub design is courtesy of Ryan from the mining hub competition, though we did add a few changes.
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    Captain_Marbles reacted in 25/10/2013 - YAMS and Minecraft 1.7.2   
    Yams has now upgraded to 1.7, enjoy!
    A few things:
    No new mining world yet as I may change the mining hub, in the mining hub competition I did say in my last post: Congratulations to Nikki and everyone else that helped out on the mining hub mushroom, we shall be using this design + some modifications as the first chosen mining hub. Using some of the others will depend on things, but I will try. Infected mini game is currently broken. I haven't decided on server icon yet, so for now I've used mine. There may be other bugs. Thanks.
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