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  1. [list]
    [*]Music Concerts
    Weird al - running with scissors tour
    Colorado wind and brass[list]
    [*]Music Festivals
    2007 International tattoo in Edinburgh Scotland (1000+ bagpipers at once is amazing)
    Irish festival in Colorado (got in for free becasue i was selling chainmail ^_^)
    bunch of others but forgot[list]
    [*]Music Gigs
    2004 tournament of roses parade
    2004 inaugural parade
    2007 international tattoo parade
    countless school concerts
    countless marching band parades including Cheyenne Frontier days

    also before i get spammed i play the tenor saxophone. and if anyone wants to youtube it i was in the Wyoming High School All State Marching Band (WHSASMB)
    i know these arent really "gigs" but idk where else to put them lol[list]
    [*]Musical theatre performances
    havent really had the oppertunity to go see one IRL yet but ones on my list

    The book of mormon
    Avenue Q
    the producers
    sweeney todd
    little shop of horrors

  2. [quote name='MadRAD' timestamp='1331200741' post='10320']
    Hi all :)

    Ok down to business by the end of this weekend there are 3 things in Snowheim I would like to have done and dusted.

    1. The hub. We need to:[list]
    [*]Decide on the wall pattern (in progress please put a sign on which one you like)
    [*]Create some features in the room e.g. Water features, benches, flower gardens.... (we need a place to put all of the chests full of cobble and the like inorder to do that... also do we still want the furnaces in there or no?)
    2. The horse shoe. To do:[list]
    [*][s]Change walls to solid stone[/s]
    [*]Deside on a floor (Stone brick, Sandstone......)
    [*]Carve out the store service windows (dirt where i think it should be cut out at but can be changed)
    [*]Decide on the size for the rooms behind the wall and how many (14 at the current layout 4 wide)
    [*]Carve out a staff path to get to the shop rooms (need to do shops first)
    3. [s]Finish the 1st 3rd of the tree farm and get it up and running[/s] :) needs a few more torches and i did the whole farm in pine... though while i was down there silmes were still trying to melt mah face off! so if you do go to farm watch out for slimes

    So do you have any suggestions or anything else you would like to try and fit in to this weekend. If so post below and we will see what we can do.

    also as a suggestion we need to figure out where the slime chunk(s) are and isolate them so our tree farm isnt an extreme one ^_^

  3. [quote name='Fugitive_Jackel' timestamp='1330659547' post='10164']
    So, just an observation. I went down the ladders to all the farms, landed in the future tree farm, and noticed that a giant slime had spawned. So maybe we could build off to the side or something, and make another slime farm? :lol: Yay slime chunks!!!

    looks like we just hit the corner of it... so what are the plans now? make the tree farm bigger? lay out the area for trees and see if we do need to go bigger? whats the spacing for dirt?

  4. [quote name='darrenstraight' timestamp='1330526352' post='10107']
    haha I thought you would and Im sure others like Murasna would too, my problem with traps like this is not only can they cuase lag issues (we already have quite a bit at the moment) but they also can break economies and make mining iron useless for example. Thats why Im not a big fan of xp farms, I just think it takes away the survival aspect of minecraft, waiting for a mob to drop etc..

    ...HEY! ...your right but yea i do get that they would cause major lag especially if someone camped them for an hour and did an instant harm potion killing about 200 in the blink of an eye.... it crashes minecraft clients not to mention what it would do to a server! plus in 1.2 i would kill the economy due to mobs dropping iron and gold.

    on the side note its good that the poor villagers now have something to kill those mobs now ^_^ and though they arent really worth it they do drop a bit of iron as well... can players make the golems? i havent seen anyone do it as of yet so idk if its possible.

  5. [quote name='Bigtycoflex' timestamp='1330396521' post='10032']
    I think it's a great Idea you will sell the ingredients because so people that need one ingredient to make a potion don't have to buy the whole potion. Also I think the prices are very fair. :)

    thats what i was thinking and it allows the public brewing stands to be used instead of just sitting there looking pretty and i think more people will enjoy knowing that they made their own instead of just constantly buying straight up potions.

  6. I agree, the layout of spawn town is really well done along with the look of it. Also the park south of spawn is just what we needed rather then all of the games spread out over the map... Speaking of the map kudos to Darren for laying out the entire map and tracks for this world along with whomever else helped it along. Spawn buildings are also very nice looking and very functional at what they do.

    Along with that huge thanks to the mods that are running the towns at the moment getting people settled in and going on projects for towns to make them look great even in this short of time all the towns are looking brilliant and have the potential to be even better as time and people get their hands on them.

    Hang in there guys with sandbox and the troublemakers its a tough job I know but Darren has the best on his side for a reason and guys try to be nice to the staff... You know who you are your just making it hard for them to have fun. Though they do have plenty of it its still a pain to drop a great mining shaft full of goodies just to stop some greifer in sandbox breaking glass.

    Always fun playing with you guys and see you all in game!Lol wow that was long winded... Sorry guys but still all of it is true

  7. [quote name='Tyler' timestamp='1330394694' post='10028']
    Mur, could i order a mixed bundle of potion items please, not too fussed on how much it costs just i want to try myself with all this brewing malarky as i havent done any at all.

    I'll take anything you can put together up to the total value of 10 diamonds, or you can mix it up with iron/gold if you wish, i'll be online at some point after 6pm uk time on tuesday unless you want me to drop payment at your house.


    sure thing tyler lemme get some stuff made up for you and i will mail you the specifics on here. ty for buying stuff as well! ^_^

  8. Hey YAMS i was wondering what i should do to sell potions for you guys! either way i will still brew potions and sell them. but I was wondering if you guys would want to make your own... which would mean selling potion ingredients as well. This would also include selling the stands and the bottles along with cauldrons. the reason being is that I see a lot of Public Enchantment and Brewing areas but not many know where the nether is along with how to get some of the materials.

    if i did sell stuff the prices would be as such:

    Glistering mellon: 2 iron per 9 (uses gold to make ingots)
    Magma cream: 2 iron per 1 (Very hard to collect atm)
    Ghast tear: 1 diamond (have to kill a ghast not over lava and have it drop tear)
    Blaze Powder: 1 iron per 1 (killing Blazes plus only get 2)
    Sugar: 2 stacks 1 iron (its sugar... not really expecting to sell a lot ^_^)
    Spider eye: 1 iron for 8 (its sorta hard to get)
    Fermented spider eye 1 iron for 4 (more materials go into it)
    Redstone: 2 stacks 1 iron (not needed unless you want better potion, plus everyone has a ton)
    Glowstone dust 1 diamond a stack (same as its always been)
    Netherwart: 9 iron per wart (takes a VERY long time to get just 1 as you have to be in the area for it to grow)
    Potion stands: 5 iron ( takes a blaze rod to make)
    Gunpowder: 1 iron per 4 (not expecting to sell a lot of this either but for convenience)
    Brewing bundle: 1 diamond (stand, 32 bottles, 3 netherwart, 1 magma cream, 1 blaze powder, 3 redstone, 3 glowstone, glistering mellon) 45 iron worth of stuff

    is this fair pricing? Potions themselves would cost about 5-8 iron on average individually and 13- 20 in 3 packs... bigger discounts if ordered in bulk. I am up to suggestions but i personally think that its fair.

    Also if you could take the poll it would help me a ton! thanks guys

  9. [quote name='Fugitive_Jackel' timestamp='1330311220' post='10001']
    Hey, now that we have a good start on our farms, do you think that we could start a little on the hub at the top?

    i agree and along with that what wall design are we going to use? we should also figure out the size and what is going to be in our "under market" area as well ^_^

  10. True story if it weren't for zombies Myself, Shippy and Wyrd would not have met! all 3 of us met on Left 4 dead though Xbox live about 2-3 years ago and have been friends this entire time. though we play different games then l4d we still pop back on from time to time. ^_^

    other then that I love zombie media, walking dead both the comic and tv series, zombieland, left 4 dead 1 &2, Highschool of the dead Anime (short but VERy good) and many others... im even nutty enough to have my own Zombie Plan at differing levels of "outbreak stages" and even have a toolset in mind and planed out where to find it all and where to go... yea

  11. Yes do a barrel roll...

    Seriously though on the list of things to do is:[list]
    [*]stone bricks
    [*]a couple of each seed/material to be farmed
    [/list][*][s]digging the horseshoe, if for the moment we keep 2 between the hub and horseshoe and only make this 5 wide and 5 high on all 3 sides of the hub[/s]
    [*][s]you could start digging out the next level it will need to start 3 under the wheat level and be 4 high, and 40*40 to start with (n progress it is marked out though)[/s]
    [*][s]in the mushroom farm behind the wheat farm[/s]
    [*][s]make the room 10 wide to start with[/s]
    [*][s]cover the floor with dirt[/s]
    [*][s]finish the walls[/s]
    [/list][*][s]in the wheat farm[/s]
    [*][s]create a couple more rows of wheat in the back row (not next to the ladders)[/s]

  12. Everyone is known to drop warps even ones like home or spawn... we see it all the time. But some warps are used as reward for going somewhere or a privilege. so here are some ideas i have come up with in order to try and help with the dropping of warps.

    A) instead of making the warp "/warp boats" we make the warp just "/boats"... now idk what we use for a warping system as there are TONS of plugins that do just that, but if it is at all possible we could do that. people could also spam a few other random words so that they may confuse people but that wouldn't really work well...

    B) use a censor plug-in
    This one is more likely to work though it would have to be tested along with seeing if it would interfere with any other plug-ins we have on the YAMS server. this could also be used to censor bad words on the off chance of someone saying what they shouldn't. i have a few ideas on how this could be implemented.

    ~ block the warp as a whole: such as "warp boats" but allow "/warp boats" this could also block mistakes such as .warp ,warp .,warp 'warp or ;warp this way if someone messes up it could either be blank or show up as *Warp Dropped* this way it could be logged as such and no one would see it.

    ~block the warp word: so the warp is "boats" the exclusion still could be "/warp boats" but instead of showing just *Warp Dropped* it could show .warp *Dropped* this would allow the logs to note that a warp was dropped and how. Downfall for this idea is it may not allow the warp at all as you are typing it separate and/or if someone guesses "boats" they would know that it is indeed a warp and then proceed with "/warp boats" though in logs it would be obvious that they did guess the word.

    I did find one plug-in that looked promising:

    again would have to be tested with all the other mods on and with theories but these are just ideas so that we can have warps and the YAMS staff doesn't have to worry about warps being leaked or dropped along with maybe some bad language!

    also if your wanting to look at the list of bukkit plugins its a fairly small list but here it is:

    hope this may help with this issue and if not i took a shot at it ^_^

  13. [quote name='darrenstraight' timestamp='1329838790' post='9791']
    Just to keep people updated:[list]
    [*]The original whitelist has now been restored as ark people have had 3-4 days to come on and build their Sandbox houses first.
    [*]For those of you have not been whitelisted yet I will do so either today/tomorrow.
    [*]As a reminder everyone is required to read the rules and go through sandbox and visit spawn + the 4 towns, regardless of time with us.
    If anyone would like to leave any feedback on how the actual move went over the weekend, in terms of a smooth operation etc., I would be grateful as I'm sure would be my staff. We have lots of exciting stuff up and coming we are just waiting for a week or so for people to settle in first, there’s more than enough out there for you to do and explore, lots of hidden treasures, especially around spawn!

    Thank you,

    My move would have been smooth if you didn't steal my cd out of the jukebox and make jenner run with it lol!

    other then that i was in and out of sandbox in about 2 hours which was nice! along that Snowheim is starting to look amazing along with every other town. as for the "hidden treasures" i can vouch that there are plenty of fun little Easter Eggs of old YAMS and beyond out there... just go hunting and you will find plenty even off the beaten paths! and the Park is brilliant along with spawn town so tight around the tower. great job designing guys and hope to get in on a massive community project soon!
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