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    racnae reacted in Who has felt like this   
    I was just looking through some of the recent deviations on DeviantArt when I stumbled across this webcomic.

    Who has felt like this?

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    racnae reacted in Big Build Project #1 - University of YAMS [OFFICIAL]   
    Heres another design. I'll stop myself from posting more to give people a chance

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    racnae reacted in BartyJnr's Zoo   
    Ok, I thought I'd stop some confusion (and show off a little )

    This is my set of animals to Date...


    That there is Charlie, my 8 month Dalmatian... He doesn't understand that computers cost a lot of money, so likes to just stamp across the keyboard now and then.


    This is Tiggy, my nearly a year old Pygmy Hedgehog. She also seems to love the sound of clicking around on a keyboard, so will now and then just run across my lap to my keyboard....


    These are Degu's! At present, I have five, four girls, and a boy. The boy (Dook) lives in my room, and talks like a human, so if you hear squeaking while on a Skype call with me, thats who that is! Theres also Wibbley and Kybosh as on family, and Magic and Spooki as another. (picture is Kybosh and Wibbley)


    This is Toby! The guinea pig! Lives in my lil sis' room, but is a family pet. Also loves Keyboards >_> (ignoring the anti-social hedgehog in that picture...)

    and... I have fish. Yeah.

    So that about covers that! So usually, if I spam and yell "Tiggy" "Toby" or "Charlie!" then you know what I mean now 8P
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    racnae reacted in 1000 YAMS Forum likes, thank you!   
    A massive thank you to everyone who has liked my posts over the past year or so, I have now achieved my 1000 like goal. I guess I better set myself a new forum goal now? In the meantime, please find a little present in your town house. Sorry sandboxers I haven’t got round to you..
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    racnae reacted in YAMS Must See Movies   
    I'm surprised no-one has mentioned the harry potter series and I'd like to see them on the list as well as:
    the three terry prachet films (Hogfather, Colour of Magic and going postal)
    the x-men films
    ghostbusters 1 and 2
    the pirates of the carribean (first three, the fourth one didn't quite fit as a sequel to the third)
    finding nemo (which I suppose comes under most pixar films, thanks joe)
    sherlock holmes, haven't seen the second one yet
    a bugs life (again, thanks joe)
    Pokemon the first movie - Mewtwo strikes back (made me cry the first time I watched it, watch it if you don't know what I mean)
    Pokemon the movie 2000 - the power of one
    Pokemon 3: spell of the unknown
    Bionicle: the Mask of light, legends of metru nui and a web of shadows (3 different movies)
    Back to the Future 2 and 3
    and I know they're not out yet but the hobbit parts 1 and 2 should be there with the rest, here's a link to the trailer.

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    racnae reacted in West: Perivale   
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    racnae reacted in Adventures of BartyJnr   
    [quote name='racnae' timestamp='1338453855' post='12445']
    awesome pics.
    i take pictures of YAMS as well every so often.
    [url="http://www.flickr.com/photos/racnae_lionel/sets/72157629980233666/"]Mushroom Island[/url]
    can't disclose location.
    my photos of Laputa.
    All of them
    i think maybe i have too much of an obsession with them.
    all of the pictures except the golem giving a rose to a villager is from Yams. i hope the magma cubes have haven't moved into my house

    THERES A PICTURE OF ME IN THERE!? Outside my house. Hahahaa.. Stalker. >_>;
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    racnae reacted in Minecraft Snapshot 12W22A   
    Heres a video on the new snapshot

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    racnae reacted in Minecraft Documentary: The Journey of Greenfeet   
    May interest some of you!

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    racnae reacted in GOOD LUCK!!   
    Just wanted to wish anyone that's taking part in any GCSE/A level exams in the next few weeks good luck and i hope you all get the grades you need/want!
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    racnae reacted in Happy Birthday NamsCupcake   
    Hi Nams,

    Since you are such a key member of our community I thought it would be nice to get you something for your birthday. I therefore present you with a drawing of you as your original avatar by Vendroma (My brother Tom)


    A video of him drawing it will be up on his [url="http://youtube.com/user/vendroma"]YouTube[/url] channel shortly.

    Happy Birthday

    See you in Blockspace

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    racnae reacted in Easter 2012 [SUGGESTION]   
    Yams should hold something for Easter. Perhaps an Easter egg hunt or a giant walk-in Easter egg
    Sound like fun?

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    racnae reacted in West: Perivale   

    Observation Tower? Yes...no?
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    racnae reacted in Minecraft 1.2.2   
    I like this epic trailer by HatFilms the most


    Does contain minor swearing

    In game I love the new glowstoney lights, and the upside-down stairs and slabs
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    racnae reacted in *Ughhh* BRAAAAIIINNNNNSSS - The zombie kind not our other admin :P   
    True story if it weren't for zombies Myself, Shippy and Wyrd would not have met! all 3 of us met on Left 4 dead though Xbox live about 2-3 years ago and have been friends this entire time. though we play different games then l4d we still pop back on from time to time.

    other then that I love zombie media, walking dead both the comic and tv series, zombieland, left 4 dead 1 &2, Highschool of the dead Anime (short but VERy good) and many others... im even nutty enough to have my own Zombie Plan at differing levels of "outbreak stages" and even have a toolset in mind and planed out where to find it all and where to go... yea
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    racnae reacted in Minecraft Crash   
    I just found out that java doesn't run very well with win 7 not sure exactly why but i read there is a lot of hassels with it and dvd playback is also an issue. Just FYI ![attachment=58:2607p_0c_3b.jpg]
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    racnae reacted in What would happen if you made a nether portal?   
    Bad things will happen and this had to be destroyed asap! but i have heard that there is a stable one some where out there....


    this is in my basement in snowheim! if i am on you can ask to have a look. TheWyrdOne and myself did this in about 30 min
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    racnae reacted in 09/12/2011 - The Future of YAMS for 2012   
    Well this is it everyone, the moment you have all been waiting for, I am just checking the new world for region errors and once that's done I'll be uploading it to the server, this will take an hour or so.

    Please remember this is a new world - so new rules, we ask you to read them all and as explained in my other posts go through sandbox. We may have missed things so please bear with us while we all get settled in.

    All your items on the ark have been transferred and you will find information in game about how to get hold of them!

    For the first day at least only those who have a room on the ark will be able to get on and get a sandbox plot, if you come on and there's no room at sandbox please stay at your ark room, I will be doing approvals this weekend but it’s all dependant on you lot and how your houses look on how fast approvals go!

    Thanks to everyone that’s supported me and my staff throughout the past year and the run up to this move; I hope we will continue to see your support in the new world.

    See you on the other side!
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    racnae reacted in 09/12/2011 - The Future of YAMS for 2012   
    I know that i'm new here and probably don't have much say,but an idea for a new town could possibly an urbanised area with a huge subway station, apartment buildings and skyscrapers? Just a thought
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    racnae reacted in Cool music video   
    MY friend sent me a link to this and i just really liked it so thought i should share it, Pretty impressive what they've managed to do here really. What do you guys think?

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    racnae reacted in Notorious Escapee Caught and to be Tried [OFFICIAL]   
    No! It wasn't me! It was the One-Armed Man!
    [s]All right, I confess! I did it, ya hear? And I'm glad! GLAD, I TELL YA![/s]
    [s]What are they gonna do to me, Sarg.? WHAT ARE THEY GONNA DO?[/s]
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    racnae reacted in Dont keep yourself to yourself!   
    Hello everyone,

    I feel the need to mention this as I’m not too happy about it a few things recently concerning people sticking to their same little groups and not inviting others to participate:[list]
    [*]Going mining in groups and never inviting others, especially new players: Everyone on YAMS should feel welcome and have the chance to go mining with others.
    [*]Creating “secret” groups amongst people: we are an open community; we don’t need little guilds here and there.
    [*]Hermits and cave dwellers: Don’t keep yourself to yourself in your own little house, come out of your hiding place and talk to others, we won't bite and whats the worst that can happen really? We are a family friendly server, lets keep up to that name!
    [*]Keeping your resources to yourself: I’m talking about the people who keep their items to themselves and won’t give them up unless it benefits them! Sure you have worked hard to get the materials but spreading a few amongst new players won’t hurt you and I’m sure the new players will remember it well. Some of the best stories I’ve heard from people on YAMS are about those that were offered materials when they had nothing to build with! And I’m not talking about community chests and leaving your junk in there; I’m talking about actually handing something to someone they can actually use.
    [*]People not willing to give tours because it’s not their job: It doesn’t have to be a member of staff who gives a tour, if they are not on or seem very busy, why not offer to do it for them? Some of the most successful tours I’ve seen done are by non-staff members.
    [*]Working on projects but not letting others help out: It’s no fun not being able to help out on anything, especially when you really feel you could help but get shoved away all the time when you ask.
    [*]Building projects but not telling others: There’s been a few instances recently in which a few projects have been created but unless you were there at the time it was built or were told directly about it, you’d never know about it. Sure there’s the saying that you should explore YAMS and find these things but some of these projects have been in the most obscure locations and as a new player I may not enter for fear of being banned.
    [*]Lots more….
    Basically were a community. Our number 1 rule if you didn’t know is be a part of the community. So peeps let’s see more working together amongst you all, instead of little pockets of people here and there in selective groups talking or working together!

    We are all to blame including me, so I am locking this topic and hope you all take this post as a reflection on how we can all improve!


    P.S. Have a Good Christmas/Holiday and a Happy New Year!
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    racnae reacted in 12/01/2012 - Minecraft 1.1.0 Update Released   
    Server will finally be up in 5 minutes!!! Just letting server rest for a little bit before you all start making her? work!

    Make sure you are on if you want to join in some fun.... ;-)

    I suggest you wrap anything up you want to finish on YAMS Castaway too, we hope you had a nice time.

    [b]EDIT:[/b] give me a few mins more I want to whitelist the people who have been waiting!

    [b]EDIT:[/b] Server is now up! See you in YAMS!
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    racnae reacted in 12/01/2012 - Minecraft 1.1.0 Update Released   
    Ok everythings is uploaded and seems good to go, a few plugins have just released an update so before we get up I just want to upload them, also test something out quick as I think we could do with some fun!
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    racnae reacted in 12/01/2012 - Minecraft 1.1.0 Update Released   
    Ok I've just got home and did a quick test with a vanilla profile (pure minecraft nothing else) and everything seems ok, I will now start to do final tests plus upload world + plugins as I took everything off in case worlds got corupted..

    [b]UPDATE 17:17 GMT:[/b] Ok uploading worlds now, this will take a while, an hour plus, so check back latter for progress!

    [b]UPDATE 17:20 GMT:[/b] Wow player files are transfering across quick, wonder if it is anything to do with new harddrive or not. Normally the 2300+ small files take me a while as it has to check each one has uploaded correctly, this time its super speed! :S Also noticed the control panel was fast for me... wonder how long this will last!
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