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Yet Another Minecraft Server (YAMS)

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Okay, this has happened three times so far. I end up typing a really detailed introduction for you guys, but when I press back space during my proof read, my browser ends up going back a page. So lets make a list like we're in school this time.[list]
[*][font=courier new]My username is evove [sub]you aren't mistaken, it is all lower case.[/sub][/font]
[*][font=courier new]My real name is Kevan[/font]
[*][font=courier new]I am 18 years of age[/font]
[*][font=courier new]I am apprenticing in [/font][font=courier new]piercing[/font]
[*][font=courier new]I love making massive structures in minecraft[/font]
[*][font=courier new]I love to replicate scenes from movies[/font]
[*][font=courier new]I love to replicate scenes from games[/font]
[*][font=courier new]I love to make movies[/font]
[*][font=courier new]I love to make games[/font]
[*][font=courier new]I love wool[/font]
[*][font=courier new]I love loving[/font]
[*][font=courier new]I love 8-bit[/font]
[*][font=courier new]I love developing for android[/font]
[*][font=courier new]I love ______[/font]
[*][font=courier new]I love creepers[/font] [font=courier new,courier,monospace][sub]they are so cute[/sub][/font]
[*][font=courier new]I love to produce dubstep[/font]
[*][font=courier new]I love being an artist[/font]
[*][font=courier new]I love 3DS production[/font]
[*][font=courier new]I love you[/font]
[*][font=courier new]I love lamp[/font]
[*][font=courier new]I love smoking hookah[/font]
[*][font=courier new]I love making long lists[/font]
[*][font=courier new]I love finding new things I love[/font]
[*][font=courier new]I love you[sup]2[/sup][/font]
[sup][font=courier new]​[/font][font=times new roman]NAME OF THE PERSON THAT REFEREED YOU: Google.[/font][/sup]

[left][size=4][font=courier new,courier,monospace]IF ANYONE NEEDS HELP WITH ANYTHING AT ALL, JUST ASK ME. CHALLENGE ALREADY ACCEPTED[/font][/size][/left]

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i can see me and you gettin together... i like dubstep too :P
i can't whitelist you but heres some ideas, change the forum name to your minecraft name :P otherwise you did amazing :) hope to see you on the server soon
and please change the subject to evove's introduction or something like that

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I have now whitelisted you, please make sure you read all the rules at spawn tower (full detailed rules on these forums), hopefuly a CSO will be on to give you a tour! You can start by building in sanbox where you will seak approval based on your building style to move to a town, theres lots of towns out there so Youll want to leak around before asking to be approved, a CSO again can help you here.

Good luck and thanks for joining YAMS!


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O_o, I must say I've never seen a intro quite like yours. It's pretty impressive lol. Hope to see you around Yams : ]

Oh, and I believe there's a way to disable the backspace hotkey. Don't take it out on the innocent backspace : P

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Sorry to raise this topic from the dead. I finally finished moving into my apartment. I would just like to thank all of you guys for your kind words! I'll bee seeing you guys in a few. Changing the Forum Username now. Thanks :)

P.S. Thanks [url="http://www.darrenstraight.com/minecraft/index.php?/user/378-zombiekats/"]ZombieKats[/url] for the tip.

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