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XBOX minecraft?

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stuff as far as i know about this subject (may all be rumors IDK)

Notch sold the rights to the full game to microsoft, allowing them to make an XNA copy of the game where he gets XX% of profits from that

Microsoft also bought full exculsive rights as well so that other consoles (sony PS3 and Nintendo Wii) can not buy a copy and call it minecraft etc.

Microsoft also announced that the full verson would be this month (november 2011) and be avalible for download,


This also means that they should have the full version for PC done as well this month! (crossing fingers for that)

But the team did not know how hard it would be to write it in another program so they are now pushing for Early Spring 2012 for the Xbox 360 version which will also work with the kinect

a few recent as of 16.11.11 news articles i have found:



[quote name='MadRAD' timestamp='1321435483' post='6723']
Yes it is true, but its not being developed by mojang (as far as i know)

You are right BUT the lead producer Stuart Platt is one of the people overseeing the remake and 4J studios making it. and those guys are good at rebuilding code for games and uping the graphics while keeping the same look

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