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Jail Break [OFFICIAL]

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I would jut like to say thanks rob for running the Jail Break Event earlier out of the blue! :)

It went pretty well considering I had to improvise a lot, next time give me a bit more warning and I'll enable the things we needed! haha!

The people that took part are:[list]
[*]Madrad (The Judge / Guard)
[*]DarrenStraight (The Accused)
[*]ElseJon (Darrens solicitor advocate)
[*]Jennercyde (The prosecutor? however he was running around)
[*]Ryanfenton (Witness? I got jailed so didnt catch what happened)
[*]Jennercyeds Wolves (Witnesses)
[*]Guard Dogs (Killers...)
[*]SteerpikeSister (The outside press who never got inside the court room)
I'm not going to go into full details of what happend, in case anyone else takes part in another, but lets just say we all ended up in jail and had to escape many times killing ourselves in various ways in the process.

It was pretty fun to watch/play and see how things turned out! Not knowing it was going to happen kind of made it very fast paced. However the harderst thing on my part was I knew certain things that needed to happen but couldnt do them becuase I was jailed and hadent implemented the measures beforehand to back sure I could do these things. Still turned out great though.

I hope to those of you that played that you enjoyed it, dont tell anyone full details in case we do it again!

But I'll leave you all with these photos.

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