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Yet Another Minecraft Server (YAMS)
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Dont keep yourself to yourself!

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Hello everyone,

I feel the need to mention this as I’m not too happy about it a few things recently concerning people sticking to their same little groups and not inviting others to participate:[list]
[*]Going mining in groups and never inviting others, especially new players: Everyone on YAMS should feel welcome and have the chance to go mining with others.
[*]Creating “secret” groups amongst people: we are an open community; we don’t need little guilds here and there.
[*]Hermits and cave dwellers: Don’t keep yourself to yourself in your own little house, come out of your hiding place and talk to others, we won't bite and whats the worst that can happen really? We are a family friendly server, lets keep up to that name!
[*]Keeping your resources to yourself: I’m talking about the people who keep their items to themselves and won’t give them up unless it benefits them! Sure you have worked hard to get the materials but spreading a few amongst new players won’t hurt you and I’m sure the new players will remember it well. Some of the best stories I’ve heard from people on YAMS are about those that were offered materials when they had nothing to build with! And I’m not talking about community chests and leaving your junk in there; I’m talking about actually handing something to someone they can actually use.
[*]People not willing to give tours because it’s not their job: It doesn’t have to be a member of staff who gives a tour, if they are not on or seem very busy, why not offer to do it for them? Some of the most successful tours I’ve seen done are by non-staff members.
[*]Working on projects but not letting others help out: It’s no fun not being able to help out on anything, especially when you really feel you could help but get shoved away all the time when you ask.
[*]Building projects but not telling others: There’s been a few instances recently in which a few projects have been created but unless you were there at the time it was built or were told directly about it, you’d never know about it. Sure there’s the saying that you should explore YAMS and find these things but some of these projects have been in the most obscure locations and as a new player I may not enter for fear of being banned.
[*]Lots more….
Basically were a community. Our number 1 rule if you didn’t know is be a part of the community. So peeps let’s see more working together amongst you all, instead of little pockets of people here and there in selective groups talking or working together!

We are all to blame including me, so I am locking this topic and hope you all take this post as a reflection on how we can all improve!


P.S. Have a Good Christmas/Holiday and a Happy New Year!

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