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West: Perivale

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Ok, so I've dug out a 12x12 area for this Vets. I'd like some imput, if possible, on what it should look like, as most vets are rather plain, either white squares or homely looking little buildings with a big "IAMVET!" signs on the front... A little pen out back, with some kennels, or maybe even have that in the basement? For the 'need to stay over for a night' animals.


Homely sort of vets


White square with a kennel sort of vets.

(it says I'm not allowed to use the image link, so theres the links anyways.)

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just sitting thinking of some ideas for perivale.
how about an underground bunker incase of armageddon (or the lightening gods). can have small entrance onthe surface and inside have enough beds for residents of perivale, and a few chests with some basic foods and tools in order to rebuild once it is safe to leave the bunker.

what about some modern art, like large diamond ore block, emerald ore block etc for players to view and enjoy. Maybe in a gallery/museum sort of thing?

will keep thinking.....

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Well, if it's for that space, I say it's too small for a theatre. In my mind a theatre is a big building, as big or bigger then the library, defiantly bigger backwards/inside.

- Make part of the desert (the bit near the pool) into a sort of beachy thing. With a sandcastle. Big sandcastle.
-A helepad with or without helicopter
- a dock by that big open stretch of water... Could also make the beachy thing down next to that. Could put tents down there.
- a bank
- a guest house. Somewhere for the tourists to hide from mobs without getting yelled at for ducking into houses...
-Police offices
- fire station

Ok, im burnt out. There's my stack of ideas. Have at it.

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