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Yet Another Minecraft Server (YAMS)
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A late intro :(

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Hello, sorry i haven't done a intro post before so i will do one now :).

Hello, My name is Adam (mademo).

I have joined before this (Along time before) so i will tell stuff about me. :D

I like to play minecraft other than any other game especially on multiplayer as the singleplayer can get lonely,
I like to build with Stone bricks, Clay bricks and wood.

I like to build things like: Cottages, Towers, Farms and Redstone work.

Outside of minecraft i like to go bmx racing at Burnham bmx track, I like to go Fishing, Game hunting, Skateboarding,
My favorite Tv programs are Family guy, South park, Top gear and Mythbusters.



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[quote name='mademo' timestamp='1331066077' post='10298']
Lol, yea i think the whitelist was off or something when i joined. :)
Same for me, and I joined the forums 2 days after I joined, then intro'd 2 weeks later. But October!?
*shakes head in disbelief*

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