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Yet Another Minecraft Server (YAMS)

Big Build Project #1 - University of YAMS [OFFICIAL]

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I would like to get this building project back on track again, it's been unworked on in way too long!


To help with this I have put lord_verigan in charge of moving things along, he will be consulting with me with what he things needs doing and likewise I will be offering my advice on what I think should be done.


lord_verigan will make a post hopefully in the next few days or so with what needs doing first, for now here's my latest draft layout we are working towards, of course things may change but at least it will give people an idea of what's going where.



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Okay, the first thing that needs to be dealt with is that there is still a very large empty room on the second floor of the College of Foundation Studies that was meant to house the many different blocks of minecraft. This is likely the first thing that should be finished to ensure that all of the rooms are filled.


Also, we will need to figure out how to keep monster spawning in the End and nether room at bay since mobs spawn at a very high rate in the rooms, which means a very hard learning experience when you're literally battling to get into the rooms. The last thing I want is for another person to get knocked into lava by a monster like I was.


After that, the College of foundation studies will finally be complete. The next building that I'd like to focus on is the college of farming/agriculture. I strongly encourage people to try out any ideas they have in the test-build world to aid in the making of this building. As with the foundation studies college, the main material will be red brick most likely, but lots of glass will be needed too as there will likely some sort of greenhouse attached to the building. It will teach the basics of how to grow crops and even how to breed and raise animals. Any other suggestions for what could be included in the farming/agriculture building are welcome too. 


This build needs to b put in it's place once and for all. Let's make this build to go down in YAMS history as one of the greatest!!!   ;)


NOTE: I am away until the 15th so I will not be able to look over this project for a few days.

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I have not recieved any word from anyone about participating in the University which kind of saddens me.  :(


To clarify, the things that need doing at the moment are finishing the college of foundation studies's room that houses every block in minecraft and we need some ideas for the college of agriculture/farming's design made in test build. We need to decide things such as these:


  • what would you like the greenhouse to look like and should it be directly attached to the brick building?
  • will we include something that can house animals (i.e. a barn)?
  • should it have a separate design from the college of foundation studies while still looking more old-fashioned or should it have the same basic design? etc.

Please do share your thoughts and designs on this topic.  :)


As for the block room, I will setup donation chests to try and get every block that we can and I will include a list that will have block types crossed off as they are donated.


Also, to make this interesting, why don't we make getting these blocks a scavenger hunt? The person who donates the most block types will recieve a wonderful prize of say.........a chest full of potions or full diamond armour, etc.


So what do the rest of you say? Ready for one of the biggest competitions in the history of YAMS? The contest will run until there are no more blocks to collect (with the exception of the items that only darren can get) and starts right now! Lets give this build our best that we can offer and make something that is unique to YAMS that we can be proud of!



note: some blocks are worth more than others 

  • stone
  • grass block
  • dirt
  • cobblestone
  • oak planks
  • spruce (pine) planks
  • birch planks
  • jungle planks
  • bedrock (only darren can do this one)
  • sand
  • gravel
  • gold ore 
  • iron ore 
  • coal ore *2 points
  • oak log
  • spruce (pine) log
  • birch log
  • jungle log
  • sponge (only darren can do this one)
  • glass block
  • lapis ore
  • lapis block *3 points
  • sandstone
  • chiseled sandstone *2 points
  • smooth sandstone
  • wool
  • orange wool
  • magenta wool
  • light blue wool
  • yellow wool
  • lime wool
  • pink wool
  • gray wool
  • light gray wool
  • cyan wool
  • purple wool
  • blue wool
  • brown wool
  • green wool
  • red wool
  • black wool
  • gold block *3 points
  • iron block *3 points
  • stone slab
  • sandstone slab
  • cobblestone slab
  • red brick slab
  • stone brick slab
  • nether brick slab
  • quartz slab
  • red brick
  • bookshelf
  • mossy cobblestone *2 points
  • obsidian
  • oak wood stairs
  • diamond ore *2 points
  • diamond block *5 points
  • cobblestone stairs
  • redstone ore *2 points
  • ice block *2 points
  • snow block
  • clay block
  • pumpkin
  • netherrack
  • soul sand
  • glowstone
  • jack-o-lantern
  • stone brick
  • mossy stone brick *2 points
  • cracked stone brick *2 points
  • chiseled stone brick *2 points
  • melon
  • red brick stairs
  • stone brick stairs
  • mycelium (only darren can do this one)
  • nether brick
  • nether brick stairs
  • end stone *2 points  (only darren can do this one)
  • oak slab
  • spruce (pine) slab
  • birch slab
  • jungle slab
  • sandstone stairs
  • emerald ore *2 points
  • emerald block *6 points
  • spruce (pine) stairs
  • birch stairs
  • jungle stairs
  • cobblestone wall
  • mossy cobblestone wall
  • nether quartz ore *2 points
  • quartz block
  • chiseled quartz block
  • pillar quartz block
  • quartz stairs
  • white clay
  • orange clay
  • lime clay
  • pink clay
  • gray clay
  • light gray clay
  • cyan clay
  • purple clay
  • blue clay
  • brown clay
  • green clay
  • red clay
  • black clay
  • hardened clay
  • hay bale
  • block of coal *2 points
  • oak leaves
  • spruce leaves
  • birch leaves 
  • jungle leaves
  • cobweb
  • chest
  • crafting table
  • furnace
  • jukebox
  • wooden fence
  • iron bars
  • glass pane
  • nether brick fence
  • enchantment table *3 points
  • end portal (only darren can do this one)
  • ender chest *3 points (only darren can do this one)
  • anvil
  • trapped chest *2 points
  • dispenser *2 points
  • note block *2 points
  • normal piston 
  • sticky piston
  • tnt *2 points
  • redstone lamp *2 points
  • daylight sensor *2 points
  • block of redstone *2 points
  • dropper *2 points
  • brewing stand *2 points
  • cauldron *2 points

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Regarding the mycelium, if people actually get involved in the above and everything that needs doing I may be able to arrange a trip to a Mushroom Island! :)


I would take of sponge and end portal though as they are only obtainable in creative.

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I haven't added any blocks to the collection, however tonight the straightness of some of the areas was bugging me so did a small spot of terraforming and maybe went a bit over the top on bonemeal, but the walk down to the bridge looks nicer on one side now. :lol:  wasn't totally sure what was happening to the other side so will tackle that at a later date :P

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Nearly forgot about the bloc collecting challenge, as no updates recently :( . Gonna try and do most of them tomorrow if I'm on ;)


I've got a stack or two of quartz ore, so I'll drop that off next time I log in.

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Over 2 years ago even before we had moved to our current world there was an idea to create the University of YAMS, a central place of learning for YAMS to teach anyone willing to learn. Original building ideas included:


- College of Fundementals (The basic 'How to's of Minecraft' as well as all blocks)
- College of Crafting (Incorporating all the uses of essential Crafting Table)
- College of Agreculture (All you need to know about growing/planting)
- College of Fine Dining (All your eating needs explained in one place)
- College of Miners (What you can expect to find in a mine)
- College of Construction (A small college showing good examples of walls...
- College of Interier Design (A place for interior designers)
- College of Citizenship (YAMS)

- College of Redstone (Teaching the art of redstone)
- Library (Library worms dream)


6-7 months latter and we were ready to start building the University in the new world, this topic was created by madrad who would be overseeing the University of YAMS building project.


At first progress was fast however after some months it started to dwindle what with madrad being on and off and such due to personal reasons.


A year after we had started actual work on it I decided that I needed to place someone else in charge, staff members were invited to apply to take charge of this project, I choose lord_verigan and discussed with him in great detail about madrad and mines original ideas of the University, I even made an updated map:




But yet again progress was slow and lord_verigan eventually stepped down as a staff member as he didn't have time for Minecraft any more.


It started to upset me that there was so much potential in building the University of YAMS but nothing was being done.


The last thing done in the University was properly around October time.


This Sunday just gone, I decided it was time to say to spend some time on finishing the University as best as possible and call it done as I could see now that we were never going to finish it properly. :(


So me and steerpikesister (thank you) did the following:


- Added a new building on the hill (would have been where farming college was going to go), we choose a building namscupcake designed in one of the free build events, me and steerpikesister did extensive work on it and it will now be used to teach the basics of redstone, madrad will hopefully do this for me.

- Added a beach area with secret cave.

- Added the beginnings of a maze, I will build this when I have time and will announce when complete.

- Added trees/flowers in as many spots as possible.

- Added 2 things from old shopping centre and something extra, can you spot them.

- Finished some more wall off + delivery entrance.

- Finished deans office in college.

- Finished student records section.

- Recoloured windows

- Finished pathways

- Added tip boards.

- Removed all material chests .

- Lots more!


Still to do:


- Add redstone basics to the redstone college, hoping madrad will do this for me.

- Lay blocks down in block showcase room, most of the blocks are inside chests (before 1.7), just need to lay down and put material names on top/side of them with signs.

- Finish the maze when I get time.


So please come and visit and see if there's anything small you can help with (more detail such as rubbish bins etc) but we wont be making any more buildings really unless someone can promise me they will finish it if they start on something.



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The maze is now completed, it could do with some extra redstone tweaks so you don't manually have to reset scoreboard if you are last player inside but it will do for now, so why not come to the University of YAMS and have a go, its right next to college of redstone. Enjoy! :)

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Since my post from the 18th of February 2014, there's still things to do:

  • Add redstone basics to the redstone college, hoping madrad will do this for me.
  • Lay blocks down in block showcase room, most of the blocks are inside chests (before 1.7), just need to lay down and put material names on top/side of them with signs.
  • See if there's anything small you can help with (more detail such as rubbish bins/seats/tables etc).

Any help would be appreciated.

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