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Yet Another Minecraft Server (YAMS)
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YAMS in game announcements July 2012 [FEEDBACK]

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Hello everyone,

It's been a while since I asked everyone what in game announcements should stay? Which ones should go? and which new ones should be added? So please suggest which announcements you want to see gone (of no use) and which new ones should be added (you’ll have to make them up) or even changed.

Here’s the current list, apostrophes ' are not included in announcements as to not break the code/plugin.[list]
[*]Please do not mine in the the normal world, instead use our mining world, portals located in spawn, sandbox and towns.
[*]You dont always have to go to the highest member of staff, try a CSO, their job is to help the community!
[*]Use your common sense, some things dont need to be mentioned in the rules.
[*]Thank you goes to the donators who keep this server alive.
[*]CSO stands for Community Support Officer, their job is to help the community.
[*]If you fail to abide by the rules we will Warn, Jail or Ban you depending on the circumstances.
[*]Use /help to display a list of commands you have access to.
[*]Remember there is lots of information in spawn tower, your questions may be answerd there already.
[*]YAMS Forums located at [url="http://www.darrenstraight.com/minecraft"]www.darrenstraight.com/minecraft[/url] or [url="http://www.yams.me"]www.yams.me[/url] for quicker access.
[*]Sandbox is not a town, we reserve the right to demolish houses if you dont come on in a while.
[*]Sandbox is for new players only as we have limited space.
[*]Please dont go over or under your house plot size. Respect your neighbours.
[*]Once you have been approved in Sandbox, please remember to put the *VACANT - Please read sandbox rules and place name and date* sign back up.
[*]Once you have been approved in Sandbox, please remember to replace your approval sign with the lot number.
[*]Dont just build tall square wooden plank houses, they wont get Darrens approval, use a mix of materials that go well together.
[*]Try and add some style to your buildings but use consistency dont just add random blocks everywhere.
[*]Please do not ask how to become or can you become a member of staff instead regularly check the forums for recruitment openings.
[*]People work hard to gather resources, no spawning items here.
[*]Dont ask for teleports, it wont happen, use the roads, rails and rivers to get to your destination.
[*]Why not join us on Mumble Voice Chat? Theres a link to it in the sidebar of the forums on [url="http://www.yams.me"]www.yams.me[/url]
[*]You dont have to break the rules to have fun, why not suggest a community event?
[*]Helping others is a great way to show your appreciation on the server
[*]Dont forget we were all new once to Minecraft and/or this server, why not lend a hand to a new player.
[*]Asking, guessing or telling people warps is strictly prohibited, warps are sometimes posted on signs as a reward or to be helpful, dont abuse the system.
[*]Tired of walking down spawn tower? Make sure you set your home using /sethome and /home to get there.
[*]We always love hearing your feedback on how we can improve.
[*]We only run stable Bukkit builds, as a result the server may take some time to upgrade to the latest version of Minecraft.
[*]From time to time the server may have to restart various time to update or fix something, please be patient with us.
[*]Fancy taking part in a YAMS Event? Why not check the forums for the latest events and suggest new ones too.
[*]Do you love to build in cobblestone? If so, then check out Snowheim in the North.
[*]Do you love to build with stone brick? If so, then check out Farefall in the East
[*]Do you love to build with wood? If so, then check out Maplehold in the South.
[*]Do you love to build with stone? If so, then check out Perivale in the West.
[*]When you are in sandbox and exploring towns, make sure you check the whole town out.
[*]While waiting to get approved dont forget to check out the YAMS Central Park and also the cathedral area.
[*]Use /modreq when you need to report a crime or need help from staff, they will get your message next time they are on.
[*]We do have a nether portal, however you will have to find it by exploring. If you find it, dont show or tell others.
[*]Please be patient when asking questions, if you dont get an answer straight away we may be busy, if its important try /modreq
[*]When you take down your sandbox house, before moving please leave the plot as you found it, including sand.
[*]Regardless of whether you are new or not to YAMS, if you havent already done so please read the spawn tower rules.
[*]Did you hear about one of the villagers? They say hes gone delusional. Muttering under his breath something about the beginning of life was fire and ice, repeating the words Muspelheim and Niflheim over and over.
[*]Did you hear about the village priest? They say hes abandoned his village and gone on some quest. I wonder why he would do that?
[*]Would you like to run a shop at spawn town? If so see the forums.
[*]Just becuase you live in one town it doesnt mean you cant help in other towns, you are allowed to help build in all towns.
[*]Would you like to help build something in a certain town? If so post your suggestions on the town forum topic for that town.

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It seems to me that the announcement about not asking for warps and the announcement about asking to teleport are somewhat similar.
Maybe an announcement like: "Server updating, please stand by." Just a thought.

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