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Yet Another Minecraft Server (YAMS)
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Im was banned For xraying and stealing. I Done Nothing like this

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Hello as you know in Alex9910
And i got banned today for some how xray mining and steal.
I say that ive never done such a thing in any server not one i like E.g. Yams, skyblock, walls
This was not my doing if you can unbaned me then put me in jail ill tell you what happened.
The moderator thinks that i use X ray but i only use a mod called
Mini map mod for my single player
some how it work on any server soo i tho this was normal
then i when mining with waveshockz and lucky found diamond.
I did not know about x ray mining untill the mods told me
If you would unbanned and give me one chance you would know that i dont not use this
mod or steal.
i think you guys are thingk about the wrong person
This is no joke for me and i would clearly like to restart.

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Lets be clear here we dont unban people, theres been no mistake you broke the rules quite clearly.
[*]The rules state no mods, you're using mods.
[*]You stole, we do not tolerate thieves, especially ones that steal from community warehouses, you were found out.
We are a community we work together and treat others and their things with respect, we wont tolerate people breaking that.

So rest we are not joking either... the ban remains. I suggest you find a server better suited for yourself, good luck.


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