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Yet Another Minecraft Server (YAMS)
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The Nether - Don't be greedy!

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As you all know the nether portal is hidden somewhere within YAMS, the reasons for this are:[list]
[*]So it gives you something to do, hopefuly it's fun looking for it, if you look for the clues.
[*]So the place is treated with respect.
[*]So theres a control on how much is taken from there so everyone gets something from there instead of people hoarding it.
Well it seems some of you are ignoring the rules at the entrance to it, one part states "Dont be greedy rush mining the ghasts will get you..." and another at the end states "Again.. Only take what you really need dont be greedy."

There is no need for you to go there and try and grab as much as you can get your hands on!

The nether will still be there tomorrow and the day after, you should only be taking what you really need or at least an estimate. I don’t understand the people who are taking stacks at a time of glowstone and other stuff! Sure it's a dangerous place and you may only want to visit once.... but I don’t agree on collecting stacks of glowstone/nether brick and anything else for it to just sit in your chests. Fair enough if you are collecting for a community project but from those that I have seen doing it… it’s just sitting in their chests!

So don’t be greedy and remember there’s loads’ of other people that also need items from the nether not just you. Maybe those that took a lot and are just hoarding it might like to donate it to a project that’s happening in YAMS?

If this continues to happen, those that do it will not only be banned from the nether but will have those items taken away from them, so it will have been for nothing. So remember don’t be greedy, the nether will be there tomorrow.

Thank you,

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