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Yet Another Minecraft Server (YAMS)
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25-03-2011 - Server Upgrade!

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Hello everyone,

Yesterday afternoon I made a decision to purchase a 12 player slot upgrade since we received a donation from FireFrak the other day, I always want to make sure every donation goes towards the server.

Then I thought wouldn’t it be nice to have some extra memory too… it’s just a shame the prices are quite high (No Joke)! But I thought hey why not do an upgrade for a month and see how it goes! ;) So I put in a request to upgrade to 1024MB Ram and 12 Player slots.

Then 3 hours later I received another donation from someone who wishes to remain anonymous (Thanks again), they didn’t know I had asked for an upgrade. Wow I thought I’m definitely glad I asked for the request no, this will go straight towards it. :lol:

So to cut a long story short, we now have 12 Player slots and 1024MB of RAM. At least for this month, I hope you really all enjoy it – please give me feedback on performance and also thanks again to those donators you’re super stars.

Every little penny helps.


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