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Build Competition #1 - Spawn tower [OFFICIAL]

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I shall build a great city inhabited by slimes, and I shall be their mighty overlord! :D


From what I gather in this mornings news the slimes are already invading...






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Judging has been completed and the winner is:
Team Monkey in 1st place (Fugitive_Jackel, d8g4cnd24_h7 and DevonHD)
Good points:

  • The tower had a centre to it, just like our current spawn tower and world.
  • The outside water river is a nice addition, we liked the gardens.
  • The fact that there's glass on the balconies so you can look straight down.
  • There was ample space for everything.
  • Interesting use of forcing people to read the rules by having to physically move past them.
  • Nice ceiling on the very top floor where you would spawn.
  • There's a centre point block.

Bad points:

  • While some of the floor colour schemes where nice, the rules room in brown did not paint a happy picture.
  • Ceilings are only 4, would have been better if 5 as 4 feels too low.
  • Floor ceilings could have had something other than stone, maybe stone slabs like our current one.
  • While we like the garden area, we would have like to have seen the river bed have sand or clay or something instead of just stone.
  • Didn't like the green wool floor of ground floor.
  • Spawn station is on level 56, it should have been 55 or at least show signs of it merging.

With runners up as follows (In no particular order, we did try and have 2nd/3rd/4th but we couldn’t come to an agreement on positions so it's joint position)

Team Tiger (nams cupcake, aoelos_ and DreadPirate_Duo)

Good points:

  • Nice welcoming area at the top but you can jump over the fences.
  • Floor themes looked like they could have worked but seems unfinished, not sure if this is a roll back issue.
  • Themed stations are nice.
  • Nether fort warehouse, only team to do the warehouse floor.
  • Your station level merges with level 55.

Bad points:

  • Unfinished ceilings on floors.
  • One block gap between floors, possible due to the above.
  • No centre. block
  • All the ores in the station.

Team Panda (Captain_Marbles, changingtuna88, zmoo, kolayhe)
Good points:

  • Nice exterior design, we all really like it.
  • Nice grey carpet on the floor.
  • Detail above windows.
  • You cant jump spawn tower.
  • There's a centre point block.

Bad points:

  • The top station is fun but its a monorail system which we don't have and members will run away quick!
  • The water drop.
  • Potential for red stone failure.
  • While theres a centre point block, the piston drop is miss-aligned.
  • No station, cant tell if would have been on level 55, but seems not.

Team Lion (missmo, Nikki_Nutta, Lord_Verigan and HugoCahill
Good points:

  • Unique design attributes.
  • We really like the floor compass though it certainly takes up a lot of space.
  • Diagonal stairs are a nice touch.
  • Viewing platform balconies.
  • Spawn station is on level 55.

Bad points:

  • You can jump spawn tower, this is achieved by standing on one of the corner bricks on top of spawn and doing a run jump over the fence.
  • It's a bit in your face with all the signs.
  • The floating glass thing.
  • Water is very annoying, especially going up.
  • Lacking room for signs.
  • Bottom floor of station is small.
  • There's no centre point block.
  • Rail paths are 6 wide not 5, so tracks would have to kind of merge with our existing ones.


If you would like to come and see what they did, type: /warp spawntowers.


You will want to type /gm 1 - To go in creative and fly.


But please bear in mind only way back is to  type /gm 0 - Then kill yourself, so you will loose any items/exp you have on you. You have been warned.


This world will close by next week.

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Just toured the towers... great job everyone, they all were pretty awesome!


The favorite part of our tower was the observation deck at the top... simple and open to see the sunrise/sunset.


Each of the towers had some really great ideas, it was a fun competition.



As for all our floors not being themed... the rollbacks were a part of it, we had to rebuild a few floors a few times and it ate up extra time. I wish we had more time to frontload all the work but real life got in the way.


Team Monkey, great job, that was a well deserved win :)

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