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Yet Another Minecraft Server (YAMS)
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As you all know, in YAMS we do not allow mods, it's quite simple. This is for many reasons, one being the fact that we don't have the time or resources to continuously keep ourselves up to date on which mods would be ok and which ones would not be, as they would alter your gameplay to such an extent that they give you an advantage over others. Such as when mining, exploring or killing etc.

I would like to know from you the community, which mods you use on YAMS and why….

You should do this by sending me a personal message on these forums with the title “Mods on YAMS” and then explain what mods you use and why.

Does this mean I’m ok with people using mods? No not really! But I do want to better understand why you are using these mods when we have a no mod policy. Will you get in trouble? Well I would hope not, but if it’s quite clear you are using them to alter your gameplay in such a way that it gives you an unfair advantage over others id certainly ask you not to use them.

I hope people can be honest with me, as I know/expect there are people out there using mods so as I explained I would like to better understand why they are using them.


Yes this does include anyone using optifine or any other such mods.

Thank you.

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