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Dig Down March 2013 #1 [OFFICIAL]

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BartyJnr has prepared an event for us... with some help from me ;) but not to much to give me an advantage as I'll be playing! :P


The game is Dig Down and the aim of the game is to be first to build a Tower of Gold!

Each tower will consist of a 1 base block of Obsidian, and then built up with four blocks of Gold.

Teams will consist of two players each. Your team will start with nothing so you will have to chop, mine and craft everything you need.

Each team will be given its own dedicated section of terrain within a glass cuboid! Within here you will need to mine high and low to find the gold nuggets, ores and blocks to create your tower. A tree or two will also be provided…

Each block of land will be exactly the same, so you probably shouldn't yell exactly where you are if you find gold.

There will also be 3 jukeboxes hidden around inside the terrain, each containing a disk. These are to be used as lives. If you find one, and you've lost an ore, you may claim it back using a life-disk, these should not be used to cheat or gain ores you did not lose.

As you will only have 3 lives between your team, your best bet will be to take all gold you find back to the top and put it into the chest you will have up there.

Also I should mention, do not try and break the glass box and do not try and go into other teams sides either, anyone cheating will get themselves and their team disqualified.

Please try to communicate with your partner!

Mumble (our voice server) as always will be open for all to join and chat.


The event starts on Sunday the 17th of March @ 5pm GMT, to find out the time in your country/time zone, click the link below, I've made it easier for you this time to check:




Please let us know if you are joining us by posting below.

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