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Celebrate the Life of the Bowtie [SUGGESTION]

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Matt smith as the eleventh Doctor, is going to be regenerating soon, possibly this season or the next. so to mark the occasion if and when the 12th comes to be, we should have a tardis event a random lucky player gets to be the 11th doctor and then another gets to be the 12th. then we travel in time and space to a random area where the 11th becomes the 12th by the 11th showing up after we get there running away, and regenerating then one of us ends up being the 12th but we wont know. also if we dont leave the certain area in time with the doctor, the entire area explodes along with the tardis. meaning if the 12th isnt found "Tardis Bang Bang, Event BOOM"


i suggest that the beginning of the event should be a festival where the tardis lands and its empty and the tardis looks very beaten up on the inside. and all of a sudden an unknown force (invisible player) turns a lever and we end up on said area for a half an hour to complete the task! then success or failure afterward we have a celebration, but the celibration will be different depending on the outcome. 



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