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Yet Another Minecraft Server (YAMS)
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19/04/2013 - April 2013 recruitment of CSO's

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YAMS is now over 2 years old and we are still going strong, it's great seeing the community flourish and grow.
However as I'm sure you are all aware, we don't always grow, sometimes we loose players. This happens for a multitude of reasons, that being their personal lives are busy, not agreeing with the way I run this community or because they got themselves banned.

We don't do enough self promoting as Id like but at the same time I don't like shameless self promotion. I know servers that go around spamming everywhere they can think off, I don't agree on this. We mostly rely on these forums and word of mouth. Server lists don't always work and when they do they attract the wrong kind of people, stealers, griefers, trolls etc...
I do want more players to join us and work harder on having more active players instead of players that come on and then go away for months at a time, we do so many great things on YAMS it’s just such a shame that so much of this is not seen by people out there.

Recently we had yet again been relying heavily on whitelist, normally because of a lack of staff on a certain times (that's not saying I want my current staff to have to be on 24/7, it's not fair on them) or because we have had trouble.

With this said I do routinely take whitelist off, but every time I do it seems like the staff suddenly disappear at no fault of their own (lunch, dinner time, going out etc). It seems whenever I take it off, I end up being the only member of staff on the server and have had to do multiple tours all at once, now I don't mind doing the tours one bit but as admin I have loads of other stuff to do to, do I give a tour to a new person of fix something that’s been annoying current players? Trying to balance it all out can be quite stressful at times, so I end up putting whitelist back on until more staff come back on.

Now most of YAMS is setup so if there is no staff on new players can still work things out (if they read all the signs) however I like the personal touch, it's not something you see at a lot of servers, someone greeting you and actually helping you around, though some people say things like "what don't you trust me why are you spying on/following me" its not that at all, its more to help them out so they know exactly what to do and wont get in trouble later.

Unfortunately however lot of players do eventual get themselves in trouble, this is mainly due to there not being enough follow up staff. Once they have left someone in Sandbox they should regularly keep checking up on this player over the next couple of days or more ensuring they are doing well and understand the approval process, even help them on their houses if need be.

So this should be happening but it doesn’t always happen as there's so many other things that need doing on YAMS too, not to mention the fact that people also like to play (I don't blame them) instead of feeling obligated they have to do yams work all the time.

Anyway I know I've said this many times before and I'm sure I'll say it again, but id like to get these things sorted and take whitelist off more, every day I see people join and get refused because of whitelist, we are in top 1-5 of various Minecraft Searches. Searches such as: Family friendly minecraft server, Family friendly minecraft servers, banned from minecraft and many more....

So why not just take whitelist off and try and get them to sign up to the forums? Well as I said above it’s the amount of people with authority we have on the server; we still have various time zones in which no member of staff is on! We have various protections in place but as I said earlier I like for new players to be shown around and explained everything when they join. This can be done by regular members if no member of staff is on but this doesn’t always happen or happens badly as they are missing the required training or don’t fully understand the rules themselves.

It's just a shame that when I do take whitelist off we end up putting it back on a lot because of griefers and such. You try and be nice by allowing people to come on your server and they treat you, your staff and the server badly – it’s not nice for anyone. Safe to say these kind of people are always dealt with. It's just such a shame that you give them a 15 minute tour only to see them banned an hour down the line.

Ok so enough rambling, it's time to recruit more staff so we can have whitelist off more often!

Here's a little information about what a Community Support Officer job entails:

1. Greet new players.
If you love to meet new people, you are proud to show them around this great server, help them find resources, give them building ideas, or just chat with them for company then you already have the most important skills. :)

2. Reinforce Server Rules.
Are you familiar with the server rules posted in Spawn Tower? Do you encourage players to read or re-read them when they don't seem to know/remember how to behave? Would you feel comfortable muting players who can't seem to control what their fingers type in public chat? Can you handle the pressure of putting someone in jail when they get caught breaking the rules? Are you willing to investigate the reason behind the behaviour and give them a second chance? Do you set a good example for others by just being you? ^_^

3. Report bannable offences to Mods/Admins.
Occasionally there are times on the server when all the Mods/Admins are offline for a moment. As a CSO, it is important to document griefing by taking screenshots of the damage or the playerlist of people online at the time. Do you mind taking a little personal time to contain/clean up griefed areas? Do you feel comfortable posting in the forums, something along the lines of “I saw so and-so do such and such today and here are some screenshots of the damage along with locations." :ph34r:

4. Enjoy knowing that you are part of the reason YAMS is the best place to spend your Minecraft time!
Think about what you like most about YAMS and how to keep it being a place you visit to get a good dose of community spirit. We have such diversity here with people from many ages, interests, and countries. We might each have our differences but the best thing about all of us is that we have so much in common. We just have to get to know each other to find out what those common interests are and to introduce new ideas to share. That's what community is about, so if you would like to support the YAMS community, apply to be a trainee CSO.

5. Acceptable to job role change.
Understand that from time to time you job role may change and you may be asked to help out on other things that are totally unrelated to what you normally do but that give a benefit towards the community. You may also get the opportunity to be in charge of a public building or specific Job.

To apply, you must be registered on the forums in order to reply to this post (keeps it open and fair). Please give a brief summary of why you think you would be right for the job and what you can offer that others cant. Take a moment to look back over previous applications (January 2013, August 2012, April 2012October 2011June 2011, April 2011) if you need ideas of what to say but please be original and bare in mind that a lots changed since them applications (don't just copy and paste we will know).

Also it doesn't matter if you post now, or wait until someone else posts, your post should be your words not someone else's and anyway your post is not the only part we base your application on, we will also base it on things such as your previous forum activity, severity of past crimes and how much time you have spent in game and when you are on are you helping the community.

We want to know which assets you will bring to the staff team. Why you and not that other person? B)

Good Luck!

Closing Date: 1 week from date/time of post.
Amount of positions available: undisclosed.


EDIT: This topic is for applicants to post their applications only. Please do not post or like other peoples posts, thanks.

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Hello ! I would like the chance to become a CSO because I have been playin minecraft for a while now and also been playing in YAMS for a while and since I have played on here I have gotten to know the community and had the chance to help out with public builds and help people around me :)
Becoming a CSO would mean I would be able to meet and greet new people and I think it's always nice to be able to be the first person someone talks to when they come on I also think becoming a CSO means that not only can I help out with some things I can help out with a lot more ! I would be able to handle people that can't follow the rules because I would not want anything bad to happen to YAMS as its such a great community . I hope if I do become a CSO I would be able to help the YAMS community grow stronger and bigger :)
Thank you
Kolayhe :)

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I really like being able to help others on the server out, whether it be helping them with a project, collecting materials for them, giving information, or playing games with them.  Coming to a new place--even in a game--can be really chaotic and even a little frightening for just about anyone.  When I see someone new get on, I like to go meet that person and let them know that I'd be happy to provide them with anything they need.  I love mining so I usually have plenty of extra materials on hand and even if I don't I'll usually take the time to get that person what they need.


I had some difficulties when I first joined this server and I want to be there for new members to help them get used to the server comfortably.  I also have some experience moderating groups, I've been a mod to several RP groups on other sites and have dealt with situations involving disputes and disciplinary action.  I try to be open minded in most situations and be patient with others, though I know when a line needs to be drawn as well.  I like giving second and third chances as well as the benefit of the doubt, but I know not to sacrifice the happiness of the community for one person if that person has gone too far.


If I were a CSO, I would see it as an opportunity to help others in ways I couldn't before.  I wouldn't mind the extra work either, in fact I'd be honored to be able to improve the server in even more ways that before.  I'm also on at times that a lot of the other CSO can't be on, so I think I could help with taking care of new people who come on at later hours.


In any case, I'm always happy to help, no matter my status :)

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Hello YAMS,

I think I would be the right person for a CSO position because...

I LOVE to greet new players and I have done it mulitple times, yes I have had to deal with players who dont agree with the way the server is run and I have no problem with telling them off and what the consequences will be. As well with that I will be happy to answer any questions they may ask about YAMS.

I will encourage new players to read the rules and I will remind players to remember those rules on a regular basis if they don't remember them. If anyone brakes these rules I will no doubt tell them off and tell them what is right, if they push the limits I will be happy to jail/mute and correct them to what they should be doing. If I do not have the powers to do so I will contact a member of staff.

I will encourage players to get involved with projects and to play games, everyone loves games right? I would be a very happy panda If I became a CSO, but good luck to everyone else :)

P.S I know I haven't been on for a while but trust me when I have my laptop back I will be on nearly ALWAYS, I know this will probably effect my chance but I gave it a shot :)

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Quite clearly some people cant read! My above post says:


"This topic is for applicants to post their applications only. Please do not post or like other peoples posts, thanks."


Please can people respect that. It keeps things fair, instead of some people having some likes and others having none.


EDIT: Ok one person has edited theirs out, please could the other 2 thanks?

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Hello YAMS~!


I would like to apply to be a CSO, i like to support on projects, and sort and i think i ahev been playing on YAMS for a while now.

I accept the requirements to be a CSO, and i will deal with wrongdoers.


I will encourage people to reread the rules if they don't remember them.

I really like to greet new and old players of YAMS, too. 


I will invite other members to get involved with games, projects, etc.


I would be very happy if I came on one day seeing i was a CSO, overjoyed, in fact, and reread the terms and begin my job as a CSO.


So, i hope you will have me applied~!                           


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Hello Y.A.M.S!
I think I would be a great CSO. I love to meet new people and love to make them feel welcome while I find it fun to give tours. I am familiar with the rules and would make sure they read the rules if they forget them. I love to give tour of the towns as well as the spawn. If they break the rules, I will give a fair consequence like /modreq for stealing or /jail for a few minutes for messing with the rules like in the mining world. I hope you pick me as a CSO while it is not the end of the world if I do not get picked.

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