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Yet Another Minecraft Server (YAMS)
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hai it says im banned!

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hello, i tried to log into the server today and it says im banned. ok so here is all what happened right before i logged out. i was mining underground when Firefrak said that someone had greifed. i said what?? (or something to that effect) and i teled to spawn instantly. once there, i ran into the spawn village and looked left and found that the hot tub above community room had ben griefed. (i came back to fix it later), from there i went farther into town and didnt really see anymore until i hit the road leading west. someone had destroyed most of the smooth stone and glass for about a couple hundered feet. (squares). i had to be in bed in 15 minutes so i told firefrak that i would tele home and get whatever smooth stone, logs(for the hot tub), and glass i had made. so i went to home came back fixed hot tub and then started rebuilding road. after 15 minutes, and i had rebuilt most of the beginning of the road, i had to log out. i told firefrak that darren would most likely have to roll back server, and firefrak said, no i think i can repair it. so i told him good luck and that i had to go to bed.

ALSO, i left somehting out. firefrak did notice that darrens hot air balloon was also griefed beyond recognition. please darren, i know that me and you didnt see eye-to-eye earlier, but trust me, i would never greif/destroy any part of anyhting someone has created. especially you.i love your server and its the only one i play and i have a lot of fun. so can you find it in your heart to forgive me for that argument and unban me? your server is awsome!! and i would very much like to keep playing and be more part of the community! mabye even build a home closer to the community.

best regards,

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