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Yet Another Minecraft Server (YAMS)
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Hello YAMS its me theassasin200 or charlie. I understand what i was banned for. But this was a long time ago, at that time i was immature and ungreatful of other peoples efforts. I would hope my Ban to be unlifted because i have never found a community as welcoming, Kind, helpful and supporting as the one you have at YAMS. As I said i was immature but now i have looked at myself in the mirror and sorted myself out. I am about to start my GCSE's and would love to be apart of the community once more.


Yours Sincerely,


Charlie (Theassasin200)

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Hello Charlie,


Long time no speak, as you know you joined YAMS back in 2011 and while there you broke quite a few rules, some of which I was lenient towards as you were young and also you were around before some of these rules were enforced, that still didn't give you the right to break them however.


At the end of December 2011 you stole and broke some stuff. You said this was your brother...


You were told to keep your account secure and to not let your brother on it if he's going to break the rules.


I trusted that you would do this, my only main issue with you other than that was your very messy house, you wouldn't move to a town.


On the 4th of January 2012 you stole 24 iron ignots from a sandbox plot, you were jailed. Eventually you were released.


Then we found more stealing from December 2011, that we had missed, you were let off as you had already been talked to about this.


In February 2012 I overviewed everything you had done to date and made the decision to keep you in jail till we moved to the new world (the one we are in today), you had broke multiple rules and not been truthful, this was me giving you a chance to think about what you had done and come to the new world and start a fresh.


In April 2012 You pushed it to far, you not only stole from the public community warehouse but you also used mods, cheating your way to get lots of diamonds!


You had ruined your chance and you were banned.


Now over a year latter you wish to come back? It's nice to know you would like you would like to come back and maybe you have truly changed.


But I'm sorry to say you will not be unbanned. The ban will remain, you had loads of chances Charlie, you broke my trust.


I suggest you go and look elsewhere for a server that you will find just as enjoyable if not more, there's plenty out there, we are certainly not the best server but neither are we the worst but I have a duty to protect our players buildings and items.


Good luck.


Thank you,


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