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Horse Names Ideas...

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My first post in a while...


So I was on yesterday, and Darren raised the subject of horse names. As of Minecraft 1.6, horses have been implemented along with nametags, which allow you to rename mob entities. A name appears above their heads too!

I was wondering what ideas everyone else had about names for their horses...

Here are a few of mine, along with the origin of the name.


Shadowfax - Gandalf's horse in Lord of the Rings

Bill - The pony from Lord of the Rings which carries the Fellowship's bags during the first film/book. He only gets as far as Moria though :(

Millennium Falcon - The most iconic ship from the original Star Wars Trilogy

Enterprise - The ship from the original Star Trek, as well as the latest films

Fledge - The flying horse from The Magician's Nephew by C.S. Lewis, part of the Chronicles of Narnia.


I realise a few of these are not from horses, but from space ships... I just want the satisfaction of feeding the Enterprise Dilithium (aka wheat), or saying that my horse's hyperdrive is broken  B)

Feel free to post any ideas for horse names you have!





Oh, and Ryan's should be something Toyota related :P

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noir? it means "black" in french  :P


Wonder if I can make a play on words with that.


ryanfenton :P





Well, if you get a donkey, you jave to name him donkey :P (shrek) Ooo Joey (from the book War Horse, idk if u guys know it :P) O, and darren there was a black horse named Topthorn in war horse.


Not heard of that name before, will look it up.


@Darren, Black Beauty of course! :P


if i ever get one it will depend on what colour it is, but will probably be called Phantom. :)


I called one of the stable horses black beauty on the signs though! :( Unless I have the horse based there! I don't have a stable! :S


But wait..... Phantom *yoink* mine! :P


Hmmm Ferrari.... the black horse logo! :P




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