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Yet Another Minecraft Server (YAMS)

Whitelist Request Roonaldotona

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Hi there, I'm Roonaldotona, Roon to anyone who doesn't want to type my full name, and the purpose of this post is, if the title doesn't make my request clear, is to request a whitelist on the server.


I'm not going to claim that I'm the finest choice ever for the server, my activity is frequent but erratic, my architecture is not beautiful but not ugly, my pvp skill is actually non-existant! but there is one thing I can promise, I AM friendly. I do whatever I can to be friendly to new or experienced players, I accept help when it is offered, and offer it where requested. I have never been banned from a minecraft server before and have previously served as staff on some as well.


As for me personally, I'm a student, I enjoy reading and gaming in equal measures, I don't like school as is expected of people of my age. on minecraft I particularly enjoy adventure maps but i'm dreadful at jumping puzzles.


All in all, I'd love to be a member of your community, to offer what i can, and to have fun!


Yours Creeperly

Roon ;)

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Hello and welcome to YAMS!


Thank you for your intro and for reading the rules! :) you should be whitelisted in a few days by our admin or a mod, so please be patient :)


Hope to see you in game soon!




P.S. I beat Tuna for once ;)

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Thanks for the warm welcome Nams,


I'm happy to wait to play, and look forward to playing with you




P.S congrats on beating tuna to it


P.P.S the kitten in your PP is so adorable, looks like a slightly bigger version than my kitten Ocelot (named after the minecraft cats, which makes me very sad!)

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Hi and welcome to YAMS,

thanks for your whitelist application, you will be pleased to know i have now gone ahead and whitelisted you. (this may take a couple of minutes to take effect).

When you join you will be greeted by a Community Support officer (CSO) and given a tour (rules/sandbox/mining world etc), if however no CSO or other member of staff (or even a member) is on to greet you and give you a tour then please proceed to the rules room on your own and read all the info from that room and then make your way down spawn tower, there will be a tour guide prompting you to let you know what each floor is.


Once you have reached the bottom of spawn tower (ground floor) please proceed to sandbox north of spawn tower (use /compass).


In sandbox you can start building a house and get yourself approved to move to a town, more info explained in game about this on the sandbox rules board which is located at the entrance of sandbox and should be read.

please make sure you have read everything, if there is something you are unsure of then please ask a member of staff who will be more than happy to help you.

look forward to seeing you in game

Many thanks

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