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Yet Another Minecraft Server (YAMS)
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Minecraft snapshot 13w36a

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Woo. The first 1.7 snapshot! :D
I have had to look into changes myself due to no changelog from mojang. They want things to be a suprise :P


What I have found so far:



Terrain generation changes.

Savanna Biome.

Roofed Forest.

Birch Forest.

Flower Forest.

Taiga Biome no longer has snow. There are now snowy and non snowy taigas

Extreme Hills are more 'rocky'.

Extreme Hill peaks above a certain height are snow covered and generate spruce trees.

Gravel generates next to ponds/rivers like sand.





Pufferfish (Used for Potion of water breathing)

Potion of water Breathing.


New Flowers:

Yellow flowers are now Dandelions.

Red flowers are now poppies.

Blue Orchid.


Azure Bluet.

Red/Orange/White/Pink Tulips.

Oxeye Daisy.



Double Tallgrass.

Large Fern.

Rose Bush.




New block - Packed Ice

Sugarcane colour slightly changed. Is darker.

Particle effect for hitting ground from a height while in creative.

More sound options/control options.

New terrain generation option. Don't want to kill laptop using it though :P


This isn't everything and I'm sure there's a few things I missed :)

To get the new snapshot open the launcher and press new profile. Rename the profile and check the box that says 'Enable experimental development snapshots'. Choose snapshot 13w36a from the dropdown box then save.


Roofed Forest



Flower Forest


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Taiga Biome no longer has snow.... they are kidding right? Snowheim, Christmas villageand other places in yams rely on the taiga snow biome....


If this is the case, I will not be happy, unless it doesn't change existing maps that have taiga areas where snow falls.


Worth noting Taigas didn't have snow in beta 1.0 and 1.8 due to a bug, they fixed the bug so we could have snow and now they want to take it away?

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On this reddit thread: http://www.reddit.com/r/Minecraft/comments/1lfcm0/ive_just_got_back_from_jens_talk_at_the_va_and_he/


It says:


 Two variations of taiga (snowy and non-snowy)


And the wiki says:


Most biomes have uncommon/rare variations.

  • Non-snowy taiga variation.
  • Coded as Extrem Hills+ variation that have spruce trees


Though that is claiming the reddit page as the source...


Lets just hope that's more true...

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I have to say, all these updates are slightly worrying to someone like me. I don't like it when games continuously update simply because it feel like you loose grips with everything you know.


I started to play the xbox version and I've got to say, it's nice to not have eight thousand items that I have no reason or idea how to use or make. I think I liked it better when it was simpler... Oh well. Suppose I'll get used to it, maybe make some new stuff 12 years after it updates like usual then ask what it is and how you use it xD

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I tell you what, they better not steal the snow from Snowheim! Of course, even if they do, we can just change the biome to something that does snow, right?

I'm sure there is enough snow in the warehouse to cover all of town should the weather gods stop it snowing in Snowheim. We can just do artificial stuff ;)

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I looked around it yesterday. There are snowy taigas, don't worry, and if we upgrade the server to 1.7, the world we have won't be overwritten so the biomes we know and love will stay. Also, has anyone seen the MEGA TAIGA BIOME?! It's fantastic! Massive spruce trees and a new kind of dirt, presumably meant to be pine-needle covered. And random mossy cobblestone around, which makes it look like ruins. :D


EDIT - Oh, and mountains are more... mountainous. they always have snow on top and have more exposed stone and gravel for a more rocky look. Looks awesome to me :D


With all these new terrains, extreme hill biomes are gonna get harder to find. My precious emeralds... :(


And there are plenty of extreme hills, they're within other biomes. so you get desert ones, taiga ones, grass ones, etc

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They've released a snapshot 13w36b, which features some fixes from the previous snapshot. One of them is the Mesa biomes, which before were glitched meaning that the stained clay did not spawn, creating floating island and strange sand formations. Here's a mesa biome that I found myself :P



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I think the flowers look messy and random, I'm sticking to minecraft pocket edition for home it's like the early stages of minecraft, the ones I like :)

I actually agree with that one... They look rather out of place... Then again, I hate long grass too xD I'm rather enjoying the xbox one myself! Haha!

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I've not liked the continuous addition of materials/blocks/etc but working on the world generation is the most important thing.


What originally made Minecraft so special (and still does to a lot of us) is the amazing random-generated landscape, so the only real updates I think should be working on the world-building-mechanics and ironing out bugs, making things work in the way expected, etc. (sorry alchemists, but I would removed all potion-related stuff if I could)

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Personally I HATE changes, and some of the updates are worthless to me and make me twitch. I loved it when I left that was the best minecraft to me

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