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Yet Another Minecraft Server (YAMS)
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28/10/2013 - New spawn tower

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We finally have a new spawn tower, come and check it out. :D


As I'm sure you all know by now, signs cause huge FPS drops (lag), there's a bug report about it on the Mojang issue tracker, you can and I suggest you up vote the issue!


But in the mean time while we wait for a fix (wont happen if Mojang doesn't see it as an issue - hence needing votes), we are trying our best to cut down signs and find other ways to reduce lag, which is why we have this new tower, we have cut out 3 floors of signs and placed them elsewhere:

  • The events section is now located in the park.
  • The tips section will move to the University of YAMS.
  • The stories section has been lost in time, though I do hear there's an archaeological dig happening in the desert just outside of spawn, on the red Perivale line, might be worth a look.
The new tower is a combination of the winning spawn tower design from the spawn tower competition along with a lot of added features to tailor it to our needs. I'm hoping you will like this new tower design, thanks to those that helped me.



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