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Yet Another Minecraft Server (YAMS)
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YAMS Central Park hosts Capture the Flag [OFFICIAL]

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Just a quick post, thought id let you all know that the capture the flag game in YAMS central park, has had a little upgrade.

  • Winning team is announced in chat, with colour!
  • Wining team noteblock sounds removed and replaced with an xp level up sound, heard within 30 blocks radius of the centre bridge.
  • Removed medic class as barely got used.
  • Added a heal button in each team room.

I've had a quick look to see if I can make anything else any better like adding scoreboard/teams and such and I could try providing the reset button is pushed at end of game, but I also quite like how its old fashioned redstone at the moment with the team ready levers and such.


I'll have a think about it when 1.7 comes to YAMS, as that will allow us to use the /setblock command so I could have the game completely reset its self after a game, as a lot of people forget to place wool blocks back after a game even though it says to do so...


If anyone else would like to suggest anything, post below. :)

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