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Yet Another Minecraft Server (YAMS)
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Platform Power [SUGGESTION]

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Found a new pvp map that would be fun for a future event! It's called platform power. You connect different platforms using redstone to activate them (platforms could be food, armor, etc). However, the other team could destroy your redstone or your only power source, so you have to fortify well. Here's the trailer video thing :P


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Looks good, cant test it properly on YAMS yet as needs 1.7.2, without it textures are missing and not all command blocks work, here's me testing it in YAMS haha....




I will test again in YAMS once we are on 1.7.2, but a few things I know I'll have to do/check:

  • Disable /spawn for the event
  • Allow monster spawn eggs to be used.
  • Possibly allow xp bottles, if they spawn.
  • Allow pvp, there seemed to be no friendly pvp fire on teams, make sure this works.
  • Allow creeper explosions
  • Allow ghast explosions/fire
  • Will you be able to hit ghast fireballs as in previous adventure maps on bukkit spawned ghast fireballs bugged  out.
  • Other things. :P

A better video explanation is this tutorial:




Also check out this video of people playing it, you should recognise quite a few of them!




Good find tuna! :)


Also worth noting that xisuma's cube control game inspired this to be made, xisuma is in the gameplay video above, so maybe we could try cube control while we wait for 1.7.2?



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