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Yet Another Minecraft Server (YAMS)
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Trees! ;)

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So hey guys!


I'm not sure about everyone's views on the new trees but I think they're pretty nice :D I really hope they will open up a wealth of new building opportunities for both the towns of YAMS and our building projects!


But anyway you're probably wondering why I'm blabbering on about them so I guess I'll get to the point aha! I've delved into the mining world and after many monotonous hours of chopping, hacking, slashing and running around all over the place have managed to find these trees! I've collected a grand total of - drum roll please! ......


-40 Acacia saplings

-32 Dark Oak saplings


This means I can offer every town 10 Acacia saplings-which will grow 10 trees, and 8 Dark Oak saplings which will grow 2 trees (as they require 4 saplings each) so use them wisely! Dark Oaks are also a pain as they don't drop many saplings from what I've found-so do make sure you get all the saplings or it'll be a long walk to get some more!


Anyway are all you town mods out there interested? If you let me know below I can drop them round to the town warehouses for use when the farms have all been expanded or altered :)



Luke :)

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