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Yet Another Minecraft Server (YAMS)
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19/12/2013 - Chairs come to YAMS again!

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Many of you will remember that nearly 11 months ago I installed the Chairs plugin, after finally finding one that worked properly. I was very happy and so were others. Unfortunately however between Minecraft 1.5 and Minecraft 1.6 the Chairs plugin stopped working, eventually there was a resolution but this required installing an additional plugin that did some hackery magic, I didn’t really want to install a plugin that did this (going against the bukkit api) so I decided that for now the Chairs plugin would not be installed.

Well today I’m very happy to say, the Chairs plugin returns! This plugin allows you to sit on chairs (stairs). Read below for more info, it's a little different this time.

To create a chair:

  • Create a 1 - 3 wide set of stairs (any type) with or without signs/item frames for arm rests.

To take a seat on your new or even existing chair:

  • With no item in your hand, stand 1 - 2 blocks away (takes some getting used too) and right click on the stairs (No need to hold shift this time). You will then be told you are sititng down. I decided to make it so you must not have any item in your hand so it’s less likely you end up sitting on chairs when you wanted to place a block instead.

To stand up from a chair:

  • Press shift on your keyboard, just like minecarts and horses etc...
  • Destroy the chair your sitting on.

You cannot sit in an already occupied chair!


Enjoy! :D

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