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Yet Another Minecraft Server (YAMS)
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New Mining World

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Your old horses in the old mining world are in heaven.


Unfortunately theres no easy way to gather peoples horses up and tranfer them and even if there was it would be a bit of a job.


Anything you leave in the mining world will always be at risk of being lost. We didn't allow people to use chests in the mining world for a long time so when a mining world refresh happened there was no need to worry about peoples items. Now we allow chests but it says in the rules its at your own risk.


I could add something about horses but I really do not want to add more signs. We are already quite clear about the mining world being purely a mining world and not somewhere you can call your home (hence not sethome) and settle in.


So while I understand you are upset about your horse please understand why its not feasible to go around finding horses and find a way to move them over. When I set up the little area of ponyville I was two sided as didn't want people to get too attached and complain latter when world refreshes but I thought people wouldn't mind and would be happy at least that I was trying to make the mining world a little more friendly.


Anyway I hope you can find another horse, but remember horses are world specific just like pets.

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