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Yet Another Minecraft Server (YAMS)
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The Future of YAMS for 2014 [FEEDBACK]

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I have just read the first post and just want to say YAMS is the first server I ever played on for more then a few hours here and there, most servers didn't have anything to make me keep coming back but YAMS did and it was the sense community that it has.It was unlike anything else and I feel like that is one of our main draws. Anyway one with my thoughts.

  • Is there a future for YAMS?  Yes there is most definitely a future for YAMS recently not many people have been on but I think it can turn around and when people are on there is still a strong sense of community.
  • The current world in my opinion is great, there is more to see and do and it is set up much better transportation is great and much easier then the last world and if you look deep enough there are many secrets to find.
  • What would get more  people on for projects? If we had a larger player base on at different times I'm going to be honest it is a bit discouraging logging on and being the only one on and trying to do a project however if everyone feels that way it becomes a viscous cycle.
  • Are the current town themes ok? In my opinion the themes are fine there is a place for everyone between the four towns they all have different feel which is a good thing. 
  • Is there a better way then plots? I think the set up we have is fine and it keeps things orderly enough but gives you enough space to build a great house.
  • Will the free build world take away from community projects? It depends I think some people might want to free build but at the same time I feel most people like that sense of community and will help out with big projects and go free build after a project.
  • What can make YAMS better? I think it just comes down to the player count because I think the way YAMS is set up is optimal

That about wraps up my opinion on the matter and I know running a server is expensive and I completely see where you are coming from.

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Little update:

  • We are now on Minecraft 1.7.8 running Spigot (A fine tuned version of CraftBukkkit) which has had some notable performance increases, it allows us for example to set item frames only visible as a certain distance, so there's less lag for you in areas with lots of frames!


  • New public build warehouse is coming along very nicely, massive thanks to madrad for helping me on this, the new warehouse is located away from spawn area to reduce lag on players within spawn, once we have completed the new warehouse there will be a portal/warp to it which will be announced. The current warehouse at spawn is currently closed while all items are transferred over and the warehouse dismantled


  • Today someone said to me "I still think you should include a warp command for veteran players so they don't have to run the whole way down spawn tower XDDD". I didn't get a chance to respond but my response would have been... "How do you know there's not one?" warps are everywhere, if you look back a page to my first post, you'll find I said this "A lot of people say to me you should place a warp at the bottom of spawn tower so we can get down quicker, my answer normally goes along the lines of there are warps everywhere you only need to find them. It’s true, the people that usually ask are just not looking hard enough, where’s the fun in having a warp that’s in plain sight, it’s much more fun and rewarding to find hidden warps, they are there, yes even right at spawn tower, you just need to look." so yes don't forget to look around for things!


  • Someone recently asked if we can sethome in the mining world, this was once a very long time ago available in the mining world + nether, however it was disabled due to a few reasons, some of which were: 1. People were rush mining good areas and just using warps/spawn etc to get back and then /home again to carry on taking all the good stuff. 2. People were using home to get further and further away from the main spawn in one direction, causing more and more chunks to be loaded. 3. People were setting up mining bases and calling that their home and forgetting about the main world. I told this person that if he wanted to see sethome to post here with why etc, as of yet they have not done so.


  • Someone recently asked if we can use ender chests. The main reason they are not allowed is to stop items being brought back from creative worlds etc, while I could block the use in those types of worlds, it's another thing to remember to do when I suddenly decide lets do so and so event! With that said I have thought about allowing ender chests before but there's never really been a big ask for it and no one certainly asked here, I told this person to suggest here and as of yet they haven't.


  • In a post on the previous post, I mentioned village trading and that we don't allow it so the shopping centre doesn't become obsolete. I asked however if this is something we need to look into again. There has been no response about is so i can only assume people are happy with them staying blocked, except when there's an adventure map with them in etc.


  • Talking about adventure maps, I have installed an adventure world plugin that allows us to enter a world and then after the last person leaves the world resets, this will be helpful when I run events so I don't have to restart the server and upload a new copy.


  • I am currently designing a mini game, it's been in my head for some time and this world reset plugin will help it come true, unfortunately it seems other servers have had the same idea, but that's not going to stop me designing it, they use a custom built plugin, I'm trying to build it with redstone and command blocks. I do require some help though... I need builders to build me: 1. A decent sized floating island, I can get approximate dimensions. 2. An airship or something similar that is big and flys. More info and tools will be given to the person/s who decide to help.


  • I've had some more thoughts about the games/events section room, and I'm thinking this can be located maybe under spawn tower were the current "old" warehouse is and that in addition to teleports to games it could also be used as a teleport section to ongoing build projects, makes sense as we have always used the bottom of spawn tower for portals to build challenges and events etc. Hopefully a central place like this will make people more aware of what's on.

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Apologies as I too have been absent recently! But that's not out of choice - right now I'm too bogged down with revision to be able to get much of a chance to get on!


YAMS is truly amazing - across my short time playing minecraft I've never come across a server that runs so well and has people who truly care both about the server and one another. Before I found YAMS I'd been jumping from IP to IP to try and find somewhere worthwhile where I could settle down, and a little over a year ago I found it :) It's now the only place I bother to connect to! :P


I really do appreciate the work you do here Darren - as well as all of the other moderators and staff who've been here long before me - without you  YAMS would be nothing. I feel at the moment because it's exam season and many of our players are entering uni or adjusting to work levels we are experiencing a little stagnation here and there - but that's to be expected! 


I can hardly fault YAMS as a system - I believe we offer great building challenges and events, we have a good community and an admin to match :P I think where we are suffering at the moment is a lack of new players or connectivity - as I said above. I've mentioned this before but I do think we should look into setting up an official youtube account - not to be updated daily or even weekly - just to showcase events and things if anyone's recorded them - people will come! I know had I run into a youtube account showcasing just some of the things that happen here I would've scrawled down the IP and run to my laptop :) The only other thing I can think of is twitter - although I'm sure how useful that is as a medium at the moment!


I think I'll start piecing together something longer to post here - but for the moment I think I'll have to go back to looking at enzymes and polymers and all that fun stuff :')


Anyways - just in case you haven't read it enough - this place is amazing and it really is unique - we're all here to support you and you shouldn't have to feel so stressed - we're here to talk if you need it!


Long live YAMS ;)

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