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The Enderman Tamagotchi style mobile game

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This isn't an official Mojang/Minecraft android app but it made me think of our very own enderman ryanfenton and how this could be him in tamagotchi form! Haha read below made me laugh:



Hey, it is a virtual pet that you should take care of, so that he might grow, develop and one day you will become the best friends!


You should play with you Ender Bro with ball.


Also there are many pocket mini-games, like match up, rocket game, memory quiz and other game mods.


If you pet is tired, let him sleep and relax.


Also there is a wardrobe where your pet can get changed. Choose favorite skin and suit your pet up! Use the skins maker to create your personal texture (skin) of the Enderman. Also available custom textures. Craft anything you want!


If your virtual pet hungry, you will to the kitchen and give to him some food! Any food that grown from seeds or sweet cake ! Chicken or egg, don't afraid, he wouldn't make pou. No cheats, it is a classic real tamagotchi! Guide your friend!


Also the is products, witch boost the energy! Use them instead going to bed.


Sometimes, your ender man say "boo", maybe he is dirty? Yes it is! Go to the bathroom and clean it!


Take care about your pet and very soon you will become best friends ever!


Don't worry, there is the full guide in the beginning of the game.


Try it and you will check out super sound effects and songs! Cool graphics and physics!


You can find it at the link below but anyone buying it does so at their own risk I have not purchased this game so have no idea what its really like!



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