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Crispy BartyJnr Barras

Busy busy.

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Yeah, I'm not around again because of busyness... I decided two weeks ago that I was going to another conventions , this coming weekend, in Birmingham. That cut my money down a lot, which meant I needed more hours, which meant I was tired, which meant not turning my laptop on much at all. Also managed to see a friend I haven't seen in ages and who tends to think "come down for Christmas" means "come down a week before your birthday then stay in my house all day" not that it's an issue haha.


But yes, currently I'm a headless chicken working work around my convention, sorting out bags and food and my little sister, all the while I had another small breakdownish thing because I thought my dog was dying... (He's not , by the way, but at the time, it was completely possible)


So all in all, yeah. That. I might be on this week sometime, but as I've said before I seem to go to log on when no ones about... Might just mine some. But this week is me packing and sorting my sister out... Again... So maybe.

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