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Yet Another Minecraft Server (YAMS)
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Build Challenge #5 - Theme park [OFFICIAL]

Theme park build in survival or creative?  

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  1. 1. Theme park build in survival or creative?

    • Survival - without /fly turned on
    • Survival - with /fly turned on
    • Creative - with /gm turned on

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for the parade floats what are the rough dimensions as I am working tonight but will be able to get on tomorrow so will get thinking cap on for ideas

I'm pretty sure 5 wide not sure about length or height

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Thanks to everyones help so far, but we are no where near done yet, still loads to do and so little time! :O




- We have a scenic railway train station and train, the idea is there will be a scenic railway around the outer edge of the park with 4 stations in each main cardinal direction.

- We have a main plaza with gates where parade floats would come out off.

- We have the starts of a main street.

- We have 1 gift shop, 1 subway food place and a coffee shop.

- We have a 2 docks / boathouses.

- We have 2 steam paddler boats.

- We have a massive lake filled with water.

- We have an island with a temple, but isn't completely finished yet as I have been busy with other bits.

- We have built a second roundabout plaza.

- We have a promenade walk around the lake. 


To do:


- Start on ticket offices, booths, bag checking etc.

- Build toilets near main entrance, I have built the entrance to ones inside of the park if someone wants to finish?

- Finish the town hall.

- Create a big theatre, conference hall at the plaza.

- Build more shops, theres room for a maximum of 3-5 more depending on sizes.

- Decide other paths and how they will break off and go to other areas.

- Decide what themes areas we are having and where.

- Decide rides and build them.

- Build a smaller boat for the two remaining docks.

- Finish of the island, need to start on proper terraforming of the island.

- Start building monorail outside the park to go to car parks and hotels.

- Build car parks + hotels.

- Build float parades, 5 wide as long as like but be reasonable. :)


There is of course loads more to do but this is a start!


Remember I said in a previous post I don't mind moving stuff around with my tools for this build challenge, so as long as people build we can try and fit it in properly latter.  :)

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Ok so.... madrad started designing the mesa area... but we need more clay! We need your help. :D


The University of YAMS has balloon trips to a mesa area in the mining world where you can help mine clay/sand for us, please visit the green balloon at the University of YAMS to help us collect. :D



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Ok so the theme park world has been open for 2 weeks now. :)


We have done so much, but we now have to decide where we go from here.... I'm happy to leave it open for this week but how much longer should we leave it open for? After all it's a build challenge, not much of a challenge if it's open forever. But then again if people are enjoying it and actually taking part providing it's not taking people away from the real world builds... well...  I'll let you the community decide what we shall do. ;)



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I'd still like to get my obstacle course done before it closes, but with the way classes and senior project have been lately my timetable's not exactly reliable.




As for tuna's idea, I like it.  The original goal was to have a massive theme park with different styles for each area around the lake.  With this, we could have future build challenges where people focus on a specific region and theme/style to build on, so that after a few more of these we'll be close to a completed park.

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