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I am sorry

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I know I was banned because I stole from some pines chest. I didn't know where I was and when I joined for the first time no one was replying to me even though there were 3 other members online. I walked around and I didn't really know where I was no one told me where to go and what to do so I wanted to get items and stuff so I took some from someone's chest, which I now know is wrong. Apparently I was supposed to get some sort of a tour, (which never happened). I know I'll probably not get unbanned after my argument with Darren but this is just to say what happened.

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Hello Darshan,
Thank you for your post, let's look at the facts:

  • You posted a whitelist post on the 28th of December 2013 and even though you didn't post much about yourself I whitelisted you next day believing that you could be trusted as you had been invited here by 2 friends, namscupcake and kolayhe.
  • You joined the server for the first time on the 30th of December 2013, you were welcome by ZhonLord and then latter DevonHD when she joined, quite different to what you say above.
  • ZhonLord asked if you had read the rules and started to give you a tour, however you asked whether mods were allowed and as you had one installed you went to go and turn it off, while Zhon waited for you... unfortunately however your "k brb" was hours as you were not right back.
  • 1 hour and 30 minutes latter you returned, with no one on, you quit, you could have continued the tour yourself, after all in my post saying you are whitelisted I said "If no one can give you a tour, please proceed to the rules room on your own and read all the info from that room and then make your way down spawn tower reading the commands too."
  • The next day you came on again, unfortunately only one player was on and you asked "how do i get a sandbox" to which a reply from this member was "you need to talk to the admins". That isn't correct, he could have shown you or told you were sandbox was but likewise you could have found it yourself if you had followed the instructions: It tells you in the rules, also when you walk down spawn tower it tells you and lastly I wrote in my post "Once you have reached the ground floor of spawn tower with the compass directions in the floor please proceed north towards sandbox.". You decided to leave when the information was there for you.
  • On the 1st of February 2014 you decided to finally return, you said in chat "er hi" at this point in time the death sentence event was being run so its for this reason you most likely didn't get a welcome, a few minutes latter and you decided to start placing lava in plots and on top of the mining portal building in spawn:
    • [18:34:30] [server thread/WARN]: [Pikachuwbacca] used: LAVA_BUCKET at: world,27,63,-96
    • [18:34:30] [server thread/WARN]: [Pikachuwbacca] used: LAVA_BUCKET at: world,27,63,-95
    • [18:34:31] [server thread/WARN]: [Pikachuwbacca] used: LAVA_BUCKET at: world,28,63,-95
    • [18:34:43] [server thread/WARN]: [Pikachuwbacca] used: LAVA_BUCKET at: world,12,77,-35
  • You also decided to fly:
    • [18:35:20] [server thread/WARN]: Pikachuwbacca was kicked for floating too long!
    • [18:35:20] [server thread/INFO]: Pikachuwbacca lost connection: Flying is not enabled on this server
  • And steal...
  • Once we found out what you had done, we decided to jail you, we try to give second chances where possible instead of direct banning, if players don't come back to talk they can also get banned, we are within our right to decide on whether to immediately jail or ban a player.
  • On the 9th of April you logged in and questioned why you were in jail to a member, you also said "THIS SERVER SUCKS" that stamen right there shows me that you clearly didn't care enough.
  • On the 11th of April you came on and swore, you had still not been talked to at this point, even though there were multiple ways you could have contacted us by.
  • On the 16th of April we finally had a chat in game, lets look at how you responded to being jailed:

[16:58:55] [Async Chat Thread - #5/INFO]: [world] Pikachuwbacca: q_q
[16:58:57] [Async Chat Thread - #5/INFO]: [world] [Admin] darrenstraight: Hello :)
[16:59:04] [Async Chat Thread - #5/INFO]: [world] Pikachuwbacca: Why am i in jail
[16:59:06] [Async Chat Thread - #5/INFO]: [world] Pikachuwbacca: Still
[16:59:09] [Async Chat Thread - #5/INFO]: [world] Pikachuwbacca: Idk why.
[16:59:11] [Async Chat Thread - #5/INFO]: [world] [Admin] darrenstraight: Becuase you havent been
[16:59:14] [Async Chat Thread - #5/INFO]: [world] [Admin] darrenstraight: on to discuss
[16:59:24] [Async Chat Thread - #5/INFO]: [world] [Admin] darrenstraight: Do you know why you in jail?
[16:59:29] [Async Chat Thread - #5/INFO]: [world] Pikachuwbacca: no
[16:59:42] [Async Chat Thread - #5/INFO]: [world] [Admin] darrenstraight: ok lets discuss
[16:59:46] [Async Chat Thread - #5/INFO]: [world] Pikachuwbacca: kk
[16:59:51] [Async Chat Thread - #5/INFO]: [world] Pikachuwbacca: so..
[16:59:54] [Async Chat Thread - #5/INFO]: [world] Pikachuwbacca: -.-
[17:00:20] [Async Chat Thread - #5/INFO]: [world] Pikachuwbacca: What are we supposed to discuss
[17:00:22] [Async Chat Thread - #5/INFO]: [world] [Admin] darrenstraight: you stole and grieffed
[17:00:27] [Async Chat Thread - #5/INFO]: [world] Pikachuwbacca: When
[17:00:41] [Async Chat Thread - #5/INFO]: [world] [Admin] darrenstraight: 1st Feb
[17:00:46] [Async Chat Thread - #5/INFO]: [world] Pikachuwbacca: I don't remember
[17:00:50] [Async Chat Thread - #5/INFO]: [world] Pikachuwbacca: I only joined 1 time
[17:00:56] [Async Chat Thread - #5/INFO]: [world] Pikachuwbacca: Looked at spwan
[17:00:59] [Async Chat Thread - #5/INFO]: [world] Pikachuwbacca: left forever
[17:01:00] [Async Chat Thread - #5/INFO]: [world] [Admin] darrenstraight: And that was the time you stole
[17:01:03] [Async Chat Thread - #5/INFO]: [world] [Admin] darrenstraight: from sandbox :(
[17:01:06] [Async Chat Thread - #5/INFO]: [world] Pikachuwbacca: I didnt.
[17:01:14] [Async Chat Thread - #5/INFO]: [world] Pikachuwbacca: _.-._
[17:01:43] [Async Chat Thread - #5/INFO]: [world] [Admin] darrenstraight: you took quite a bit
[17:01:49] [Async Chat Thread - #5/INFO]: [world] [Admin] darrenstraight: and its all in this chest
[17:01:50] [Async Chat Thread - #5/INFO]: [world] Pikachuwbacca: Naw
[17:01:52] [Async Chat Thread - #5/INFO]: [world] [Admin] darrenstraight: yep
[17:01:58] [Async Chat Thread - #5/INFO]: [world] Pikachuwbacca: naw
[17:01:59] [Async Chat Thread - #5/INFO]: [world] [Admin] darrenstraight: all the proof in this chest too
[17:02:04] [Async Chat Thread - #5/INFO]: [world] Pikachuwbacca: How
[17:02:26] [Async Chat Thread - #5/INFO]: [world] [Admin] darrenstraight: What do you mean how
[17:02:34] [Async Chat Thread - #5/INFO]: [world] [Admin] darrenstraight: Its your inventory of stolen items
[17:02:35] [Async Chat Thread - #5/INFO]: [world] Pikachuwbacca: I didnt do anyhting
[17:02:35] [Async Chat Thread - #5/INFO]: [world] [Admin] darrenstraight: :(
[17:02:38] [Async Chat Thread - #5/INFO]: [world] Pikachuwbacca: naw
[17:02:46] [Async Chat Thread - #5/INFO]: [world] [Admin] darrenstraight: Yes
[17:02:48] [Async Chat Thread - #5/INFO]: [world] Pikachuwbacca: naw
[17:02:58] [Async Chat Thread - #5/INFO]: [world] [Admin] darrenstraight: Ok if youre just going to keep saying naw
[17:03:01] [Async Chat Thread - #5/INFO]: [world] Pikachuwbacca: naw
[17:03:06] [Async Chat Thread - #5/INFO]: [world] [Admin] darrenstraight: then we dont have much choice do we
[17:03:10] [Async Chat Thread - #5/INFO]: [world] Pikachuwbacca: Yaw
[17:03:15] [Async Chat Thread - #5/INFO]: [world] [Admin] darrenstraight: Ok so trolling?
[17:03:18] [Async Chat Thread - #5/INFO]: [world] Pikachuwbacca: naw
[17:03:23] [Async Chat Thread - #5/INFO]: [world] [Admin] darrenstraight: right then
[17:03:41] [Async Chat Thread - #5/INFO]: [world] Pikachuwbacca: So..
[17:03:47] [Async Chat Thread - #5/INFO]: [world] Pikachuwbacca: I'm hungry
[17:03:50] [Async Chat Thread - #5/INFO]: [world] Pikachuwbacca: I need food.
[17:04:01] [Async Chat Thread - #5/INFO]: [world] [Admin] darrenstraight: you cant break out
[17:04:07] [Async Chat Thread - #5/INFO]: [world] Pikachuwbacca: I am gonna starve.
[17:04:09] [Async Chat Thread - #5/INFO]: [world] [Admin] darrenstraight: so not sure why you are trying
[17:04:12] [Async Chat Thread - #5/INFO]: [world] [Admin] darrenstraight: you wont die
[17:04:13] [Async Chat Thread - #5/INFO]: [world] [Moderator] Nikki_Nutta: you cant starve
[17:04:17] [Async Chat Thread - #5/INFO]: [world] Pikachuwbacca: Aw
[17:04:25] [Async Chat Thread - #5/INFO]: [world] Pikachuwbacca: :/
[17:04:28] [Async Chat Thread - #5/INFO]: [world] Pikachuwbacca: I will get out
[17:04:31] [Async Chat Thread - #5/INFO]: [world] [Moderator] Nikki_Nutta: all the items in the chest are what were in your inv when u were jailed
[17:04:34] [Async Chat Thread - #5/INFO]: [world] [Admin] darrenstraight: will you now?
[17:04:41] [Async Chat Thread - #5/INFO]: [world] [Moderator] Nikki_Nutta: so if u didnt steal them how did they become to be in ur inv
[17:04:42] [Async Chat Thread - #5/INFO]: [world] Pikachuwbacca: I can't open it
[17:04:54] [Async Chat Thread - #5/INFO]: [world] Pikachuwbacca: I got them my self
[17:05:01] [Async Chat Thread - #5/INFO]: [world] [Admin] darrenstraight: nope you cant as the items are confiscated items
[17:05:05] [Async Chat Thread - #5/INFO]: [world] [Admin] darrenstraight: as you stole them
[17:05:08] [Async Chat Thread - #5/INFO]: [world] Pikachuwbacca: ConfiscateD?
[17:05:11] [Async Chat Thread - #5/INFO]: [world] Pikachuwbacca: da hell
[17:05:12] [Async Chat Thread - #5/INFO]: [world] Pikachuwbacca: XD
[17:05:23] [Async Chat Thread - #5/INFO]: [world] Pikachuwbacca: I still could've gotten them my self
[17:05:33] [Async Chat Thread - #5/INFO]: [world] [Admin] darrenstraight: 02-01 12:34:08 Pikachuwbacca took 128x redstone from chest at 24:63:-99
[17:05:36] [Async Chat Thread - #5/INFO]: [world] [Admin] darrenstraight: ^
[17:05:37] [Async Chat Thread - #5/INFO]: [world] Pikachuwbacca: k
[17:05:40] [Async Chat Thread - #5/INFO]: [world] Pikachuwbacca: wht
[17:05:43] [Async Chat Thread - #5/INFO]: [world] [Admin] darrenstraight: 02-01 12:34:08 Pikachuwbacca took 1x lava bucket from chest at 24:63:-99
[17:05:46] [Async Chat Thread - #5/INFO]: [world] Pikachuwbacca: What's that supposed to say.
[17:05:48] [Async Chat Thread - #5/INFO]: [world] Pikachuwbacca: XD
[17:05:54] [Async Chat Thread - #5/INFO]: [world] [Admin] darrenstraight: 02-01 12:34:08 Pikachuwbacca took 1x gold ore from chest at 24:63:-99
[17:05:54] [Async Chat Thread - #5/INFO]: [world] Pikachuwbacca: Could've been my chest.
[17:05:55] [Async Chat Thread - #5/INFO]: [world] [Moderator] Nikki_Nutta: that is informing us uy took items from a chest
[17:05:58] [Async Chat Thread - #5/INFO]: [world] [Admin] darrenstraight: Nope
[17:06:00] [Async Chat Thread - #5/INFO]: [world] Pikachuwbacca: Yes.
[17:06:07] [Async Chat Thread - #5/INFO]: [world] [Moderator] Nikki_Nutta: that didnt not belong to u as its location was in someone elses home
[17:06:14] [Async Chat Thread - #5/INFO]: [world] Pikachuwbacca: Naw.
[17:06:27] [Async Chat Thread - #5/INFO]: [world] Pikachuwbacca: darrenstraight
[17:06:28] [Async Chat Thread - #5/INFO]: [world] Pikachuwbacca: come bacj
[17:06:35] [Async Chat Thread - #5/INFO]: [world] [Admin] darrenstraight: 02-01 12:33:09 Pikachuwbacca destroyed wooden door at 38:65:-111
[17:06:51] [Async Chat Thread - #5/INFO]: [world] [Admin] darrenstraight: 02-01 12:33:32 Pikachuwbacca took 16x brown dye from chest at 40:65:-114
[17:06:55] [Async Chat Thread - #5/INFO]: [world] [Admin] darrenstraight: I can carry on and on
[17:06:58] [Async Chat Thread - #5/INFO]: [world] [Admin] darrenstraight: you stole a lot
[17:07:13] [Async Chat Thread - #5/INFO]: [world] Pikachuwbacca: Carry on
[17:07:17] [Async Chat Thread - #5/INFO]: [world] [Admin] darrenstraight: The person you stole from was aidancreeron
[17:07:22] [Async Chat Thread - #5/INFO]: [world] Pikachuwbacca: Q_Q
[17:07:23] [Async Chat Thread - #5/INFO]: [world] [Moderator] Nikki_Nutta: i dont think he needs to
[17:07:24] [Async Chat Thread - #5/INFO]: [world] [Admin] darrenstraight: But you dont seem to care
[17:07:28] [Async Chat Thread - #5/INFO]: [world] Pikachuwbacca: Yes I do
[17:07:29] [Async Chat Thread - #5/INFO]: [world] [Moderator] Nikki_Nutta: fact is you stole
[17:07:36] [Async Chat Thread - #5/INFO]: [world] Pikachuwbacca: When will i bet out of jail
[17:08:07] [Async Chat Thread - #5/INFO]: [world] [Moderator] Nikki_Nutta: we do not like players who break our rules
[17:08:13] [Async Chat Thread - #5/INFO]: [world] Pikachuwbacca: So will I never be out?
[17:08:15] [Async Chat Thread - #5/INFO]: [world] [Admin] darrenstraight: ^ exactly that
[17:08:21] [Async Chat Thread - #5/INFO]: [world] [Admin] darrenstraight: you will never be out now
[17:08:21] [Async Chat Thread - #5/INFO]: [world] Pikachuwbacca: So I wont ?
As you can see from everything I posted here we gave you every opportunity to get yourself settled in our community, all the information is out there, it's up to the players ton decide whether they follow the instructions or not. If they don't then consequences happen.
Griefing, stealing, swearing and lying will not be tolerated in our community, there's just no need for it.
Your ban will remain and I hope you find a better server more suited to you.

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