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Yet Another Minecraft Server (YAMS)
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New public build warehouse now open [OFFICIAL]

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I would just like to announce that the new YAMS public build warehouse is now open, massive thank you again to madrad for his help on getting this sorted with me.


You may find the entrance to this new warehouse at the bottom of spawn tower, last floor.


As a reminder:

  • This public build warehouse has been setup for use on non town public builds and build challenges.
  • Please do not take from here unless you are certain you are allowed to.
  • If in doubt ask a member of staff who will help you.
  • Only take the minimum amount of materials you need, don't for example take out diamonds to make tools when we have stone or iron tools already crafted in the chests.
  • Also don't leave the items at your house or leave the game with them on you.
  • Finally do not use them for your own personal use.

Thank you.



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