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Yet Another Minecraft Server (YAMS)
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YAMS Coliseum Hosts Paintball [OFFICIAL]

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Since November 2012 the coliseum has hosted BattleArena, but its now time for a change!
I would like to announce that the YAMS Coliseum is now hosting Paintball - pure war! pure fun!


I can guarantee you wont be let down by this game, features include:

  • Red and blue teams with red and blue armour.
  • Inventory saving when playing
  • 13 ranks - get more kills/wins/points to level up!
  • Lobby rank armour - the more you play the different style armour you will have on in the lobby.
  • Rank chat names - when chatting everyone gets to see your rank, only those in the paintball game will see it.
  • The shop - get money for kills/wins and then spend it in the shop. Rank up to unlock new weapons, from grenades, rocket launchers to airstrikes and more!
  • Random gifts - weapons will be send to you from time to time while in game, use them while you can!
  • Fun, fun and fun!

If you would like to play simply type: /pb join - minimum of two players required.
Please post feedback as I'm very excited about this addition to YAMS.


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