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Yet Another Minecraft Server (YAMS)
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YAMS Downtown Hosts Paintball [OFFICIAL]

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Minecraft paintball at the YAMS coliseum arena has proven popular, so I would now like to present paintball downtown, this an extra arena you can vote to play in and does not mean the closure of the coliseum one. :)
This downtown arena is quite big and has lots of features, so please bear with us while we fine tune it. :)
If you would like to join, just type: /pb join - you can vote to play downtown once inside the lobby.
A massive thanks to the following people in helping me get this setup:

  • ryanfenton - Helped me kick this project off, doing a lot of design on the banks and the shops and much more. Also donated loads of iron blocks for the anvils.
  • madrad - Did lots of work on the underground for me, building my trains and digging out the tunnel. Also connected up all the redstone lamps that turn off in the underground during the night.
  • Nikki_Nutta - For donating lots of iron blocks for the anvils.

In the making of the downtown arena, we used a lot of materials, here's some of the top ones:

  • 4505 Bricks
  • 2645 Steps / Half slabs
  • 2305 Wool
  • 2090 Wood
  • 1480 Double Steps / Half slabs
  • 1410 Quartz blocks
  • 1408 Stained clay blocks
  • 1336 Stone brick stairs
  • 1335 Stone bricks
  • 906 Spruce wooden stairs
  • 702 Redstone wire
  • 451 Quartz stairs
  • 415 Stained glass panes
  • 333 Anvils
  • 291 Glowstone
  • 250 Redstone lamps
  • 186 Iron doors
  • 176 Dark oak wooden stairs
  • 142 Iron bars
  • 103 iron blocks

If you can donate any materials to replenish our public build materials, please donate to the public spawn warehouse!



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