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Yet Another Minecraft Server (YAMS)

01/07/2014 - IMPORTANT: YAMS IP address change

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I regret to inform you all that as of tomorrow our IP address may change and that I unfortunately do not know the new IP Address yet, I'm not a happy bunny to say the least, please see email I received from my host today:


Hi Darren,

Multiplay Gameservers are committed to providing the very best and latest hardware with which to run our servers. We very rarely have to upgrade our hardware, however to continue giving you the best experience possible, we have to implement upgrades to our hardware. We are emailing you today to let you know that we will be upgrading your service (MH43989) onto our new hardware shortly. 

When making the change to new hardware we will be taking a complete backup of all your data and moving it across. This will involve a very brief outage whilst we do this, after which you can continue gaming as normal.

We have scheduled this outage on:

Wednesday 2nd July 2014 for approximately 10 minutes between the hours of 9am GMT and 6pm GMT.

Unfortunately you will experience a change of IP address as a result of this move which we are not able to give you at this current time, but we will strive to maintain your port number where possible.

All settings, world data, player data, backups, bookmarks and other server data will be retained during the move, meaning that the only change will be to your IP address, and possibly your port.

Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience this may cause you. We have not taken this decision lightly and believe this upgrade will provide great improvements with the quality of servers we provide.

If you have any questions please contact our Support Team and we will be glad to help.


The MultiplayGameservers.com Team. 



I Have made a complaint with help from SteerpikeSister:



I've just read an email from yourselves today stating that you will be implementing hardware upgrades tomorrow and that due to these changes that our IP Address will have to change.

We have had the same IP Address since the 9th of January 2011, and the main reason we renew every year with Multiplay is so we could keep the same IP address. We have built a substantial reputation online using this IP Address and I suspect we will lose players because of this IP Change, and although we do have forums in which we can announce that our IP address will change, not everyone visits regularly either because they are not allowed on forums (we are a family friendly server) or because they have problems accessing it.

It doesn't help that you cannot even tell us what the new IP address will be, so we can not even give a proper announcement or edit previous posts online and change graphics which have the IP Address included.

In our opinion giving us less then 24 hours notice about this change and not even giving us an idea of what the new IP Address will be is unacceptable, I would have expected better from a company that claims to give gamers the respect and attention they deserve. As this would not be the first time Multiplay has not lived up to our expectations, we would like to ask what you propose to do about this drop in professional standards?

Yours sincerely,
Darren Straight



I am also looking into setting up correct DNS records to point play.yams.me to the server.


I will update this topic once I know more, please inform any players you see on that the ip address may be changing and to check the forums for updates.


Thank you,


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IP address for YAMS is now you can also connect using play.yams.me but this may take 24-48 hours to go live.


EDIT: play.yams.me is live for me, add it to your minecraft server list and see if it works for you! ^_^

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I tried play.yams.me and it worked perfect, but it seems I am un-whitelisted! 


Darren, if you would Re-list me, I would appreciate it,




Logs are not showing you as having tried to connect to us and being refused, you are still whitelisted.


I suggest checking you have the correct server: play.yams.me


If that doesn't work then please try: or play.yams.me:31665

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