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Yet Another Minecraft Server (YAMS)
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Build competition #3 - Village houses [OFFICIAL]

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I have a competition for you all... ohh wait....


Have you ever heard of The YAMS Adventure? Somewhere out there is an epic adventure on a grand scale just waiting to be found... Have you ever seen the pumpkin monster around spawn tower? He is very mysterious but I hear if you're nice to him he will help you on your journey by showing you the way!


Now where was I.... ahh yes I was going to say that I have a competition for you all, I am need of small but elegantly detailed village houses! If you can design one that I like it will be used somewhere in YAMS... Your name will be on the village house for all to see when it's found...


Are you interested in taking part? If so please take a wander down to the bottom of spawn tower where you will find the events portal section with a portal to the village houses world. You'll want to make sure you leave your items at home, you will also loose experience to use it up before visiting!


There is currently no deadline on this challenge but once I've got enough houses that I like the world will be closed! You may make as many houses as you like but please make sure you finish them off properly before starting on another house and also don't forget to put your name! If you want to build a house as a small team you can just remember to put all your names on it! :)


Let me show you an example of what it is I'm looking for:




Good luck and thank you,


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I've taken a look around, good start, but a few things:

  • Only 2 players have taken part.... come on! Where is everyone else?
  • Don't feel like you have to stick to the 9x9 example house, that was just an example house I saw in sandbox once that looked good, feel free to go smaller or bigger.
  • You don't have to build square buildings at the base, you could build L shape houses etc! Feel free to be let your creativity expand, they are not going in plots! :)
  • Also forgot to mention but feel free to build some other things too: Blacksmith, Windmill, Lumbermill, Shops, Market Stalls, Watch/Guard towers, Small churches, Wells, Inss, Stables, Barns, Farm houses etc... You never know I may use them and give credit to you! :)
  • Google image search "minecraft medieval village" or similar terms for inspiration but don't just copy something 100% please add your own touch, you'll be more proud.

This is all about giving you the chance to have something in YAMS that you made that players will see. SO however bad you think you build, at leastg try to make something, there's loads of space!

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The competition is now over! :O


My original plan was to use these houses for my next YAMS adventure but it most likely wont be finished before we move to the new world, you may have already seen then first adventure out there? Ever heard of sounds coming from the temple of doom? Spooky place that temple... Can you feel the shivers down your spine? 


Now where was I... Ahhh yes you are all doomed.... I mean winners, congratulations!


I have decided that I would like to use all houses that were completed as demo houses for the new world.

  • tdue21 - You made 3 houses, I will use at least one of yours, maybe 2.
  • SteerpikeSister - I will be using your house.
  • ryanfenton - I will be using one of your houses, the smaller one with furniture in it.
  • MegMeowse (XxSkaterMegXx) - I will be using your house on the lake, I also like the small huts you made.
  • Changingtuna88 - Sorry you did not complete your house so wont be used, but I'm sure it would have looked nice.

I will leave you with the screenshot below, for some unknown reason... there were over 1000 (yes one thousand) animals outside all lined up just outside the village competition area... maybe waiting to attack! I couldn't render them all in one shot as they were everywhere, a whole army of them!



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