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Yet Another Minecraft Server (YAMS)
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Freebuild weekend - November 2014 #4 [OFFICIAL]

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It's free build time again, this time thanks to changingtuna88 who requested that we do one soon!  :)

From now Friday 28th until Monday 1st December I have reopened the creative free build world for you to have fun in!   :)

You can find the portal to it at the bottom of spawn tower inside the events portal section.

Rules (updated if you misbehave):

  • None but don't be too silly and remember this is a family friendly server so act responsibly, don't go around destroying other peoples hard work, instead ask them if you can help!

P.S. You will loose any items and experience levels you have on you if you go to this world, as the only way back is to "/gm 0" and die.

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