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Yet Another Minecraft Server (YAMS)
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Hello there, thank you for posting a white list request! :D 


You will be happy to know that I have gone ahead and whitelisted you. Once you connect to the server please proceed to the rules floor of spawn tower and read all of the signs (even if you read the rules on our website already, make sure you read them over again to ensure that you understand them). After you finish reading there, please proceed down to the ground floor of spawn tower, you do not have to read the signs on the floors in between, however if you find them interesting feel free to look them over.


Once you arrive on the ground floor (marked with compass directions in the floor) please proceed north to sandbox. Upon your entry to the sandbox area, please read the sandbox rules (board on your left) and pick out one of the vacant plots. Any resources you need to build can be found at the rear of sandbox, as well as demo houses to gather ideas in those times of builder's block. Make sure to read any signs you encounter, as they will make your time on YAMS much more enjoyable, and may just lead you on an adventure   :O!


If you have any questions or concerns feel free to ask me here, or in a PM on the forums. Thank you, have a wonderful day   :)


Hope to see you in game


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