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Yet Another Minecraft Server (YAMS)

Please whitelist me

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I am new to YAMS.  :unsure:  

One thing I want is to be with other players (people).

I want to play with ... everyone!

www.mojang.com has said in it's books:

"don't share your email, password or name on a multiplayer server." 


I'l make a list there ↓ about things about me.



I have a dog & a cat.


I want a server that DOES NOT CRASH MY GAME!


i am:


4-6 []

7-8 [√]

9-12 []

13-18 []

19-15 []

older []

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Welcome to YAMS, yes staff will see this but you need to be patient, I did some whitelists requests yesterday but as I got to yours I had to go and do something else, staff do have lives outside of Minecraft so please respect that. :)


Anyway thank you for joining, you'll be happy to know I have now gone ahead and you.


Once you join please walk down the stairs to the rules room and read the information in there, after you have done so please walk down the next set of stairs to the commands room and read all the information in there.


Once all info has been read, please carry on walking down spawn tower until you have reached the ground floor of spawn tower with the compass directions in the floor, from here please proceed north towards sandbox, you can use /compass to work out what way is north.

Once you have arrived at sandbox please read the sandbox rules, the front of the board on the left. This board is pretty big but very detailed in explaining that you are in sandbox to build a house and get to know the community better before you decide which town you would like to move too.

Please make sure everything is read that needs to be, as it explains everything very well and ensures everything runs smoothly for both me and you and everyone else on the server.

You can find a mining world portal in spawn town or at the end of sandbox.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to ask, we are all here to help.       :)

Thank you,


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