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Places of interest in the new mining world

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I thought I'd start a thread where we can put the coordinates for any places of interest we have found in the new mining world.  I or others have posted most of these in different threads so I thought it would be good to gather them in one thread.


First off there have been 3 ocean monuments found at this point (at least that I know of).  The first 2 can be found at the coordinates below and have been mostly, if not completely, drained of water so everyone can move around easily in them.  Also, the elder guardians have been slain in both.


ocean monuments

x = 2185, z = 3177

x = 2000, z = 700


The third one I have found just recently.  With this one I thought it would be a good idea to not drain it completely so that everyone can use it as a "hunting ground" for guardians.  The elder guardians have been slain but there are plenty of regular guardians to hunt down.  I have gone through and created air pockets in almost every room so a player can easily get to air while hunting.  In certain rooms I have only made partial air pockets in because of openings between floors.  Leaving the water in these ceiling spaces is important for both players and guardians to get between floors.  (Added note: there are some rooms that are completely drained.  Use these to rest from swimming or to place crafting tables and furnaces as needed.)


ocean monument for hunting

x = -1957, z = 2343


Near this third monument is a jungle that contains a jungle temple.  When I got to the temple the only thing in the chest was rotten flesh.  However, there are ocelots in the area and I saw a couple of melon patches as well.


jungle temple

x = -2302, z = 2569


The other day a came across a dungeon with a zombie spawner.  I also saw some wood planks on the ceiling nearby.  I didn't have the time to explore but I wouldn't be surprised to find it to be part of a mineshaft.


dungeon/zombie spawner  - likely mineshaft nearby

x = -720, y = 19, z = 49


The last thing I have for now is the location of a stronghold.  I have explored a little bit of it myself.  So far I have found one library.  I suspect someone will have to do some mining to get to the rest of the stronghold.  The coordinates I am listing is for the ground level entrance I made to get to the stronghold.


stronghold entrance

x = 726, z = -114



That's all I have for now.  If anyone has found something not listed above please post it to this thread.


Thanks and have fun mining, hunting, exploring!

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