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Yet Another Minecraft Server (YAMS)

Not your typical Whitelist Request.

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Dear YAMS Community,


I missed you.


Okay, now we have got that out of the way I want to explain to you why I've come here. You know those times when you just lay in bed and think about your life? Well, I just had one and I remembered what I've done most when I was about 14/15/16 (can't exactly remember lol) years old, which is play YAMS :D


So really I was just wondering, how is everybody doing these days? Do some of you guys still remember me? Are there alot of people gone from my era (yes I will call it an Era, since I have lived in the first and the second YAMS world)? Are there a lot of new people nowadays?


I was actually really pleasantly surprised by the fact that this server still exists lol. I might even give it a try to see if my Minecraft account still works and come take a look if you guys don't mind? :) I am really excited to know whether things I've created like 2/3 years ago are still there :)


That having said,


Hi :D

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Hi Balpen


nice to see you again, there has been a few changes and the biggest being we have recently moved to a new world, its similar to old worlds with a spawn town/area central to all but now instead of towns we have 4 lines of different colours and its up to you what direction you want to travel in to build. only restriction is that you have to take next available plot on the line you chose. your house can be made of most things except things like melons, dirt, sand etc (all the usual please don't build with these blocks that YAMS has always had)

and size restrictions are bigger than previously had.


there are quite a few new players to when you were last around however there are still some of us older ones still around and fitting YAMS in whenever we can.


hope to see you soon, as far as I know your account will still be active, so when u first log in there are a few rules to read in spawn and also a quest to complete before you can start building.


Many thanks Nikki

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