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Yet Another Minecraft Server (YAMS)
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14/05/2015 - YAMS gets a Creative World

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NEWS FLASH! YAMS now has a creative world as promised in the future of YAMS post! :)


You can find the portal for it at the bottom of spawn tower inside the event portals room.


I really hope you enjoy this, I've tried to be as fair as possible.


Below is a copy of the rules on the forums for the creative world, but please read the signs when you go there as its explained in more detail including commands you need to know.

  • The creative world is not the main part of YAMS, it's an addition to YAMS so you can test your ideas out and show your creativity with others easier.
  • From time to time this world may reset.
  • There is also a plot expiry time of 2 months, so if you become inactive for 2 months your plot will be removed.
  • Each player is allowed one plot, you can however invite others to help on your plot by giving them permissions with a command.
  • This world should be treated with respect don't abuse our trust, remember YAMS server rules apply as we are a family friendly minecraft server.
  • Buildings should be family friendly.
  • You can not /sethome in this world as its not the main world of YAMS, we still want players taking part in the main world.
  • The only way home from this world is to die in lava or such. You will lose all expeirence levels and items you have on you so make sure you leave them at home.
  • You can find more information and commands in the creative world, for which the portal is located at the bottom of spawn tower.

Have fun! :)

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