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Yet Another Minecraft Server (YAMS)
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Introducing Connor :3

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Hey Guys,


My name is Connor Ryne Thomas and i'm 15 years of age.

My ingame name is ItsOnlyZ (previously known as Zer0_DC, Itz_Z and ZxHuRrIcAnEsxZ)

If you want my skype its 'Itz OnlyZ'

Also If i'm wanted through social media pm me or give me your username and i'll find you.


I wish to join this server because, as it says in the site-art, A family friendly community server.

Plus it's a server set in England, London which, everyone knows, is great quality Banter? sure...


I'd love to play other games with you guys aswell!

I play games like fifa, call of duty, borderlands and terraria


If any further information about me is needed please, don't hesitate to ask below or pm me.


Thanks and i hope to see you on the server.


P.s. Anyone else excited for Fallout 4? :D

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Welcome to YAMS our family friendly minecraft server, thank you for joining and posting.   :)


My apologies for the delay, you'll be happy to know I have now gone ahead and whitelisted your account.


When you join please walk down the stairs of spawn tower to the rules room and read the rules and information on our quest, we have a quest which is required to be completed before you build, this not only gives you a chance to explore spawn town but also settle in with our community first before building.


Once you have read the rules, please walk down the next set of stairs to the commands room so you know all the YAMS in game commands, you can use /spawn at any point to return to the top of spawn tower.


After reading all commands please carry on walking down spawn tower until you have reached the ground floor of spawn tower with the compass directions in the floor, from here please proceed north (you can use /compass to work out what way is north) where you will find The Ship Inn on your left, inside the basement here you will find the community room and The Innkeeper who will get you started on the quest!


Please make sure everything is read that needs to be, as it explains everything very well and ensures everything runs smoothly for both me and you and everyone else on the server.


If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to ask, we are all here to help.          :)

Thank you,



P.S. I do keep on getting told to play some of the Fall out games, but to date I have not. :)

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