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Yet Another Minecraft Server (YAMS)
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A werewolf is among us [OFFICIAL]

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Fellow Villagers

It has come to my attention that one of our number has been struck with the most fowl lycanthropy. As night falls they turn from one of us into a vile Werewolf, unfortunately due to this creature’s allusiveness I have been unable to trace who it is. This has led to the calling of an emergency council. Everyone in the village is required, during daylight hours, to debate whom this creature may be.

As the sun sets a vote shall be cast accusing one of our number and that person be they Human or Werewolf shall be executed by fire. This may lead to the extinction of our village but if this is the only way we can eliminate this menace, not only to our society but to YAMS as a whole, we must suffer the consequences of our vote. We can only hope that the werewolf be discovered on the first day of our inquisition.


Judge MadRAD


The details are as follows

Date: Sunday 21st August
Time: 19:30 BST (18:30 GMT, 11:30 PST, 14:30 EST)
Duration: up to 2 hours (+set up time) depending on the number of players that sign up
Judge: MadRAD

As you may tell we shall be holding the first YAMS Werewolf game. For this first game we will limit the number of players to 13 this will mean a 2 hour game plus setup time. If there are less players then the game may run shorter.

Signup in this thread

Note: All those who are killed will not be allowed to talk about the game (as they are dead) for the duration and if they decide to break this rule they will be muted

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Ok with wuido that makes the magic number (that was quicker than I expected, maybe i should have gone for this weekend...).
The players with places are as follows[list]
[*]wyzwon (although i wouldnt mind a quick conformation)
[*]dan (aka death)
If you have missed this signup pending a success for this game more will be run in the future. So check back here again.

As for all those taking part I hope to see you all on the 21st for the first game of YAMS Werewolf.

Note: if you find that you are unable to make the date and time of this game please inform an Admin, Mod or CSO (or post on here) as soon as possible so your place can be given to someone else.

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[quote name='carcar134134' timestamp='1313173160' post='2768']

Im sorry carcar but all the places for the first game have been taken. If anyone decideds to drop out I will give you first choice at their spot.

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Hello where do you live, is it australia? maybe on the next one we can try and schedule it better, however for this one the time will not change we have people from all over the world there's no way we can set up a tine for everyone, if we change the time for one person another person won't be able to play. Times will stay as advertised to prevent confusion. Thank you.

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