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Yet Another Minecraft Server (YAMS)

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Hey Yareboy and welcome to the YAMS (Yet Another Minecraft Server) forums :) im sure one of our friendly moderators or our admin, DarrenStraight would be pleased to add to the server's whitelist as soon as they read your post, however you will not be able to join until the next time the server restarts as this is when the change will take place.
whilst your here, would you like to tell us some more about yourself ? it helps us all out if we know a little about the members that play on the server. For example, is there anything else we can call you besides Yareboy ? what types of structures do you like to build ? How did you come across the server ? you know things like that :)
Also dont forget to read the rules on level 5 of the spawn tower (Very Important).
ok then, Welcome to the server, i hope you enjoy :D

Ben AKA Satch2096

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